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#140 conditional expression bad code generation new defect critical cfa-cc
#238 Function new incorrectly creates temporary objects new defect critical cfa-cc
#10 Cannot declare anonymous union around generic type assigned mlbrooks defect major cfa-cc
#28 Look at automatically generating ?==?, ?!=? for all structs new enhancement major cfa-cc
#30 Generating builtin C routines is awkward new enhancement major prelude
#50 Assertion failure with tuple constructor-expressions assigned Rob Schluntz defect major cfa-cc
#66 Function and variable name collision for if new defect major cfa-cc
#95 Incorrect consideration of global and local variables in resolving waitfor mutex object. assigned defect major cfa-cc
#101 Multi operators on tuples new enhancement major cfa-cc
#104 Tuple assertion generate bad C code new defect major cfa-cc
#120 dtype problem new defect major cfa-cc
#132 Remove reference cost from resolution new task major cfa-cc
#133 Better signature for copy constructors. new enhancement major cfa-cc
#134 Unification is not the right logic for assertion resolution new enhancement major cfa-cc
#136 PtrsAssignable Rework new enhancement major cfa-cc
#143 Extended Designator Syntax for Arrays new enhancement major cfa-cc
#159 Static expression evaluation new defect major cfa-cc
#162 Member access of reference broken in goto statement assigned Thierry Delisle defect major cfa-cc
#163 Incorrect cast in polymorphique returns of builtins assigned Thierry Delisle defect major cfa-cc
#166 Cannot get reference to generic member of generic struct assigned mlbrooks defect major cfa-cc
#168 Plan-9 inheritance is not considered for satisfying a trait's assertion new defect major cfa-cc
#172 Anonymous struct can conflict across translation unit new defect major cfa-cc
#174 Cannot Check Exception Trait new defect major cfa-cc
#176 Assignment fails for union structure field new defect major cfa-cc
#186 Cannot add extra assertion on a constructor new defect major cfa-cc
#193 Monomorphization Failures outside of Functions new defect major cfa-cc
#194 Ambiguous reference vs pointer return [from ticket #70] new defect major cfa-cc
#195 Unnecessary dereference leads to segfault [from ticket #70] new defect major cfa-cc
#197 Generated constructor calls copy ctor twice on tuple elements new defect major cfa-cc
#200 Polymorphic Function Pointers not handled by Constructor new defect major cfa-cc
#201 GCC-7,8,9 Bug with -O2,3 new defect major prelude
#202 Type manipulation in long chains of post-fix functions new defect major cfa-cc
#203 Polymorphic Structure Initalization Errors new defect major cfa-cc
#205 Incorrect Lvalues On Expressions new defect major cfa-cc
#206 Replace Lvalues With References new enhancement major cfa-cc
#215 Cannot declare object whose size takes multiple steps of dynamic calculation new defect major cfa-cc
#218 Distributed Qualifiers Change Signature new defect major cfa-cc
#220 Reference to Array of Generics does not work new defect major cfa-cc
#221 Reference to Value Assertion Passes Value new defect major cfa-cc
#222 Empty parameter list in nested forall clause generates unused parameter new defect major cfa-cc
#225 Wrong disambiguation for call overloaded on bare type-variable vs generic new defect major cfa-cc
#226 Resolver is slow at finding constructors for 3+ dimensional arrays new defect major cfa-cc
#227 Interpretation of assertions with struct declaration new defect major cfa-cc
#229 Incorrect implementation of casting to monomorphic new defect major cfa-cc
#232 Crash: address-of should not have intrinsic reference argument new defect major cfa-cc
#236 SIG_IGN does not compile new defect major cfa-cc
#239 Including kernel but not threads crashes vtable generation new defect major cfa-cc
#248 Lazily generate prelude functions on demande. new enhancement major prelude
#249 extern "Builtins" new enhancement major prelude
#254 Constructors and destructors for TLS new task major cfa-cc
#259 Compiler crash on large recursive assertion requests new defect major cfa-cc
#260 comparing signal return value crashes new defect major cfa-cc
#263 Missing Code Generation on Control Structure Initializers new defect major cfa-cc
#265 Compilation failure passing zero_t through assertions new defect major cfa-cc
#267 Expression candidate elimination with unsatisfiable assertion new defect major cfa-cc
#268 Downcasting against type parameter failed new defect major cfa-cc
#269 Wrong type for generics' implicit _sizeof params on 32-bit new defect major cfa-cc
#272 Compiler crash when referencing generic member of generic struct new defect major cfa-cc
#274 Size of struct and alignment/offset of polymorphic fields inside a struct is incorrect on 32 bit new defect major cfa-cc
#277 Constructors for nested types suffer from definition before use issues new defect major cfa-cc
#278 Performance issue on ARM64 due to __aarch64_sync_cache_range calls new defect major cfa-cc
#280 Compound Literal Hoisted Out of Function/typeof new defect major cfa-cc
#282 Double Member Expressions Cannot Be Used as Lvalues new defect major cfa-cc
#283 Shadowing Cause C Incompatability new defect major cfa-cc
#286 typeof Decays Array Types new defect major cfa-cc
#5 Undeclared variable with MRV/tuple function composition assigned defect minor cfa-cc
#7 CFA Assertion Error: CodeGenerator visits TypeExpr in trait/genaric type new defect minor cfa-cc
#11 Compiler uses all Resources when Copying from Generic Function Result new defect minor cfa-cc
#20 zero_t doesn't work well with default arguments new defect minor cfa-cc
#33 Updating Exception Built-ins to CFA Code (Requires Virtual) new enhancement minor cfa-cc
#34 Incorrect Support for Two Argument ?: Operator new defect minor cfa-cc
#46 Enum constants are lvalues assigned Rob Schluntz defect minor cfa-cc
#57 UniqueExprs with same ID are resolved independently assigned Rob Schluntz defect minor cfa-cc
#82 Wrong Overload Chosen assigned a3moss defect minor cfa-cc
#85 character types new defect minor cfa-cc
#87 Inconsistent Assertion Ordering new defect minor cfa-cc
#88 Arrays of references new defect minor cfa-cc
#91 Assignment to bool, not a boolean context new defect minor cfa-cc
#93 New builtin types _FloatN and _FloatNx new defect minor cfa-cc
#108 tuple overloading problem new defect minor cfa-cc
#111 Option to disable threading new task minor other
#113 void & type new defect minor cfa-cc
#125 Warning for uninitialised fields new enhancement minor cfa-cc
#130 Flexible array member of struct crashes CFA compiler when element type is generic new defect minor cfa-cc
#135 Modify SizeofExpr argument new task minor cfa-cc
#138 Reference parameter in constructor with "new" initialization new defect minor cfa-cc
#139 Unification with less cloning new task minor cfa-cc
#141 conditional expression warning new defect minor cfa-cc
#145 Subscript in tuple fails new defect minor cfa-cc
#146 Tuple member access new defect minor cfa-cc
#147 Can't initialize const member of struct new defect minor cfa-cc
#148 Incorrect "Initializer is too deep" error new defect minor cfa-cc
#153 Compiler error when referencing a polymorphic type from within a polymorphic method which uses a trait whose methods operate on that same polymorphic type new defect minor cfa-cc
#155 Missing error message new defect minor cfa-cc
#156 Warning for "returning address of local variable" does not catch polymorphic functions new defect minor cfa-cc
#157 Initializing functions new defect minor cfa-cc
#175 Instantiated generic struct layout is reused across different instantiating array sizes new defect minor cfa-cc
#177 typeof not being handled correctly by resolver new defect minor cfa-cc
#178 mutex in thread main new defect minor libcfa
#179 Bad Error Message if Missing sized in struct forall. new defect minor cfa-cc
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