C∀ Programming Language

located at University of Waterloo

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C∀ (C-for-all) is an open-source project with the goal of extending ISO C as a non-object-oriented programing language. The purpose of the project is to engineer modern language features into C in an evolutionary rather than revolutionary way. D, Go, Java, and Rust are examples of the revolutionary approach for modernizing C, resulting in a new language rather than an extension of C. C++ 17, Cobol 14, and Fortran 15 are examples of the evolutionary approach where modern language features are added and problems fixed within the framework of an existing language.

The goal of this project is to produce a backwards compatible version of C containing modern language features and fixing well known C problems. Without continued development of the language, C will be unable to cope with the needs of modern programming problems and programmers; as a result, it will fade into disuse. Considering the large body of existing C code and programmers, there is significant impetus to ensure C is transformed into a modern programming language.

While C++ had similar goals, it has the disadvantages of multiple legacy design-choices (e.g., object-oriented) that cannot be changed, and active divergence from C in new versions, requiring significant effort and training to incrementally add C++ to a C-based project.

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