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#238 Function new incorrectly creates temporary objects new defect critical cfa-cc
#10 Cannot declare anonymous union around generic type assigned mlbrooks defect major cfa-cc
#66 Function and variable name collision for if new defect major cfa-cc
#95 Incorrect consideration of global and local variables in resolving waitfor mutex object. assigned defect major cfa-cc
#101 Multi operators on tuples new enhancement major cfa-cc
#104 Tuple assertion generate bad C code new defect major cfa-cc
#132 Remove reference cost from resolution new task major cfa-cc
#133 Better signature for copy constructors. new enhancement major cfa-cc
#134 Unification is not the right logic for assertion resolution new enhancement major cfa-cc
#162 Member access of reference broken in goto statement assigned Thierry Delisle defect major cfa-cc
#163 Incorrect cast in polymorphique returns of builtins assigned Thierry Delisle defect major cfa-cc
#172 Anonymous struct can conflict across translation unit new defect major cfa-cc
#194 Ambiguous reference vs pointer return [from ticket #70] new defect major cfa-cc
#195 Unnecessary dereference leads to segfault [from ticket #70] new defect major cfa-cc
#232 Crash: address-of should not have intrinsic reference argument new defect major cfa-cc
#236 SIG_IGN does not compile new defect major cfa-cc
#239 Including kernel but not threads crashes vtable generation new defect major cfa-cc
#248 Lazily generate prelude functions on demande. new enhancement major prelude
#249 extern "Builtins" new enhancement major prelude
#254 Constructors and destructors for TLS new task major cfa-cc
#260 comparing signal return value crashes new defect major cfa-cc
#20 zero_t doesn't work well with default arguments new defect minor cfa-cc
#91 Assignment to bool, not a boolean context new defect minor cfa-cc
#111 Option to disable threading new task minor other
#125 Warning for uninitialised fields new enhancement minor cfa-cc
#148 Incorrect "Initializer is too deep" error new defect minor cfa-cc
#156 Warning for "returning address of local variable" does not catch polymorphic functions new defect minor cfa-cc
#178 mutex in thread main new defect minor libcfa
#243 Add warning for thread casts in constructors new enhancement minor cfa-cc
#251 C Array within tuple crashes the compiler new defect minor cfa-cc
#262 Extra declaration of deleted autogen routines new defect minor cfa-cc
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