Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
automake 3f4bf57   3 years Thierry Delisle Added automake/missing to git directory
example 03cdad6   2 years Thierry Delisle Added range-parser example. I plan to reuse it to parse cpu device data.
longrun_tests 850aff1   2 years Thierry Delisle Added -Werror=return-type EVERYWHERE! Added -Wextra in some places.
benchmark 98edf2f   11 months pabuhr found further uses of concurrent directory
Jenkins d8a0e51   6 months pabuhr add gcc-9 back into ARM full build
driver 634cb80   5 months pabuhr formatting
tools 3be6ef3   2 months ajbeach Added a few more missing keywords to the cfa.nanorc.
tests d887800   4 weeks pabuhr update ato expected output for x86
doc c4024b46   5 days pabuhr more work on background chapter
libcfa feb999f   3 days pabuhr formatting, change free null statistic to also count malloc(0), remove …
src 7a36848   2 days ajbeach Further Pass template clean-up, reimplementing the translation unit …
LICENSE 1.5 KB c11e31c   9 years pabuhr add inline and attribute qualifiers, cfa.y comment formatting, fix …
.autom4te.cfg 290 bytes d817f5a   6 years Thierry Delisle Added config files to move autom4te cache out of root folder 626 bytes f575124   4 years Thierry Delisle Added script to setup automake before running configure
INSTALL 1.3 KB 4200b7e   3 years pabuhr update README and INSTALL files
README 4.0 KB 44b37de   3 years pabuhr fix wording problem 2.9 KB e3d4fd1   11 months pabuhr more cleanup of the make-help option
Jenkinsfile 13.0 KB be8ee65   6 months pabuhr change host from arm64 to aarch64 for ARM nightly build 9.5 KB 4bc4b4c   5 months ajbeach Completed the second demangler/automake task: The demangler (when …
.gitignore 1.3 KB ab9c1b3   5 months ajbeach Updated .gitignore for the new location of demangler.
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