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(edit) @91b9e10   22 hours pabuhr added some ideas to the module proposal
(edit) @96c04e4   45 hours ajbeach Simplified the visit children guard to use a ValueGuardPtr?. For …
(edit) @66286aa   2 days pabuhr add iterator paper
(edit) @8f7109c   2 days pabuhr change minimum left/right hyphenation from 4 to 3 characters
(edit) @4fc7388   2 days pabuhr small proofreading changes
(edit) @703885e   3 days ajbeach Added proposal for adding knowledge of modules to Cforall.
(edit) @7da6a31   6 days j82liang Disable to voidEnum test for now to pass the test suite (voidEnum is WIP)
(edit) @c819d90   6 days j82liang A upcast proposal for enums
(edit) @bfcd3af   6 days j82liang Merge branch 'master' of
(edit) @dc74231   6 days pabuhr Merge branch 'master' of
(edit) @cad8c88   6 days pabuhr change xleftmargin spacing for lstinput, add code formatting macro for C++
(edit) @a4808ad   6 days pabuhr add Elliott18 citation
(edit) @df699e0   6 days pabuhr program updates to match text
(edit) @c721105   6 days pabuhr proofreading changes
(edit) @76425bc   6 days pabuhr remove Grothoff14 paper
(edit) @73da8df   6 days pabuhr add Elliott18 paper
(edit) @2c8946b   7 days ajbeach Various whitespace and intentation updates.
(edit) @e6f1a4b   11 days j82liang Merge branch 'master' of
(edit) @fbc84ca   2 weeks ajbeach Added the review of all the autogeneration problems. Now, hopefully, …
(edit) @41c4b5e   2 weeks pabuhr updates related to introduction chapter changes
(edit) @ccfbfd9   2 weeks pabuhr more proofreading with respect to Gregor's comments
(edit) @31f4837   2 weeks j82liang Merge branch 'master' of
(edit) @acb33f15   2 weeks j82liang Change enum conversion steps
(edit) @ca4f2b2   2 weeks pabuhr proofread string section of background chapter
(edit) @bf4fe05   2 weeks pabuhr fix merge
(edit) @ec20ab9   2 weeks pabuhr small updates, and more proofreading of the related-works chapter
(edit) @07e9df1   2 weeks pabuhr formatting
(edit) @5f225f5   3 weeks ajbeach Perhaps only src/ needed to change, but I did a text search …
(edit) @c778ef1   3 weeks ajbeach Apparently the source file lists aren't used until distribution. I …
(edit) @0f612d2   3 weeks ajbeach Shoot, the non-extension renamings did not get caught in some corners.
(edit) @c92bdcc   3 weeks ajbeach Updated the rest of the names in src/ (except for the generated files).
(edit) @41c8312   3 weeks pabuhr small cleanups
(edit) @03ac869   3 weeks j82liang Add GCC visibility push(default); Fix trait satisfaction problem
(edit) @0843ba6   3 weeks j82liang Merge branch 'master' of
(edit) @c2a4b62   3 weeks j82liang Refactor based type from operator assertion
(edit) @e542b02   3 weeks ajbeach Update last reference to BasicTypes? I don't know if it needs …
(edit) @983f486   3 weeks j82liang Reformat forall clause in enum.hfa
(edit) @9b140bd   3 weeks j82liang Update the test file
(edit) @6d9aa79   3 weeks j82liang Missing produceDecl in the last commit
(edit) @0b6c1c9   3 weeks j82liang Merge branch 'master' of
(edit) @c333ed2   3 weeks j82liang Remove intermeidate type (enum attribute type); remove …
(edit) @083e637   3 weeks pabuhr Merge branch 'master' of
(edit) @195d1d8   3 weeks pabuhr update search strings to raw strings for python 3.12
(edit) @0f4c513   3 weeks pabuhr gcc-13 include file problem in …
(edit) @f5cb7c2   3 weeks pabuhr add gcc builtin function builtin_dynamic_object_size for gcc-13
(edit) @b2ea0cd   3 weeks ajbeach First wave of file renaming. Rename files in src/ and update all …
(edit) @69dd8e6   3 weeks pabuhr Merge branch 'master' of
(edit) @ac16a55   3 weeks pabuhr update thesis front page from 2020 to 2022 macros
(edit) @1379c96e   3 weeks pabuhr formatting changes to programs
(edit) @123e8b9   3 weeks pabuhr move background material from list chapter to background chapter
(edit) @0775468   3 weeks pabuhr proofreading background section Linked Lists
(edit) @297b796   3 weeks pabuhr add pl.bib to file dependencies
(edit) @164a6b6   3 weeks ajbeach Simplified the visit_children feature of Pass template. This should …
(edit) @d69f7114   4 weeks pabuhr proofread section Enumeration Trait, and a few other wording changes
(edit) @72713e5   4 weeks j82liang Add libcfa/src/enum.hfa
(edit) @d414664   4 weeks j82liang Update writing part for enum trait
(edit) @35897fb   4 weeks j82liang Merge branch 'master' of
(edit) @de3a579   4 weeks j82liang Add trait subsection
(edit) @69867ad9   4 weeks pabuhr Merge branch 'master' of
(edit) @caaf424   4 weeks pabuhr remove glossary macros, switch back to newterm marco from Newterm, …
(edit) @0153dbd   4 weeks ajbeach Updated hoistStruct so the nested mangled names are human readable. …
(edit) @5c27b6a   5 weeks j82liang Merge branch 'master' of
(edit) @c5c123f   5 weeks j82liang Missing changes for the last commit
(edit) @eb7586e   5 weeks j82liang 1. Change return value of typed Enum in null context: they now return …
(edit) @f632117   5 weeks pabuhr more proofreading on enumeration chapters
(edit) @e78966e   5 weeks pabuhr add parsing support for enum type in 'with' statement
(edit) @7042c60   5 weeks j82liang resolve conflict
(edit) @cf191ac   5 weeks j82liang Change enum functions return type
(edit) @55c97e4   5 weeks pabuhr Merge branch 'master' of
(edit) @314c9d8   5 weeks pabuhr more proofreading on introduction chapter (discussion of ADT)
(edit) @566cc33   5 weeks pabuhr move all lstnewenvironment macros to central location in uw-ethesis.tex
(edit) @a1fbad0   5 weeks ajbeach Fix in code generation. forall clauses are now printed before return …
(edit) @03b1815   5 weeks ajbeach Added a Python script for reviewing the timing of the test suite.
(edit) @bab42de   5 weeks pabuhr Merge branch 'master' of
(edit) @89da3a9   5 weeks pabuhr fix parsing bug in field declaring list with empty declarator
(edit) @5bc81e9   5 weeks pabuhr Merge branch 'master' of
(edit) @58e2ce34   5 weeks pabuhr update postfix function, storage management, and memory set/copy
(edit) @4a3eb1c   5 weeks pabuhr add combinations of pointer/reference for memset and memcpy
(edit) @13de4478   5 weeks ajbeach Updated files in ResolvExpr? to the new indentation style. It seems the …
(edit) @15215f02   5 weeks pabuhr Merge branch 'master' of
(edit) @0fe07be   5 weeks pabuhr formatting, documentation refactor alloc code, remove annoying warnings
(edit) @c0363be   5 weeks pabuhr formatting
(edit) @358e115   5 weeks pabuhr move attribute((unused)) so it applies to variable
(edit) @d7c0ad5   5 weeks ajbeach Removed some overloads from the Pass template. I believe these were …
(edit) @ba97ebf   6 weeks ajbeach The polyCost function was just a bit more complicated than it needed to be.
(edit) @fc1a3e2   6 weeks ajbeach Style update. Focused on indentation and trailing whitespace.
(edit) @b9b6efb   6 weeks ajbeach Removed, although some of its information is still …
(edit) @4e08a54   6 weeks pabuhr Merge branch 'master' of
(edit) @02c80cdc   6 weeks pabuhr Merge branch 'master' of
(edit) @d4264e8   6 weeks pabuhr formatting, add CFA versions of resize, realloc, and reallocarray
(edit) @19313be5   6 weeks ajbeach One missing BasicType::Kind -> BasicKind? updates.
(edit) @da87eaf   6 weeks pabuhr remove spurious 'this' qualification
(edit) @cdd25ef   6 weeks pabuhr changes to postfix function and storage management sections
(edit) @2b6db03   6 weeks pabuhr proofreading changes
(edit) @4da9142   6 weeks pabuhr more proofreading on enumerations
(edit) @c148966   6 weeks pabuhr documentation
(edit) @2a27998   6 weeks pabuhr add citation from OED for enumerate
(edit) @e693572   6 weeks pabuhr change see macro to support capital See, update cquote macro with …
(edit) @c3c9325   6 weeks pabuhr missing keyword coroutine to lstlang CFA
(edit) @38093ae   6 weeks j82liang Resolve conflict
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