We are exploring both theoretical and applied areas of programming languages, from type systems and static analysis to virtual machines and concurrency.


Glen Ditchfield, 1992
Thesis title: Contextual Polymorphism


Thierry Delisle, 2018.
Thesis title: Concurrency in C∀.
Rob Schluntz, 2017.
Thesis title: Resource Management and Tuples in C∀.
Rodolfo Gabriel Esteves, 2004.
Thesis title: Cforall, a Study in Evolutionary Design in Programming Languages.
Richard Bilson, 2003
Thesis title: Implementing Overloading and Polymorphism in Cforall
David W. Till, 1989
Thesis title: Tuples In Imperative Programming Languages.


Andrew Beach, Spring 2017.
Line numbering, Exception handling, Virtuals


Sunjay Varma, Fall 2017, Winter 2018.
String Type
Alan Kennedy, Fall 2017, Winter 2018.
ARM Context Switch