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#13 Default type arguments for generic types Rob Schluntz closed minor cfa-cc 1.0
#18 Allow sizeof On Generic Type Parameters Aaron Moss <a3moss@…> closed minor cfa-cc 1.0
#24 Non-compatible safety conversion (like C++), prevent void * to T * Rob Schluntz <rschlunt@…> closed major cfa-cc 1.0
#28 Look at automatically generating ?==?, ?!=? for all structs new major cfa-cc 1.0
#30 Generating builtin C routines is awkward new major prelude 1.0
#31 Glen's new prelude closed major prelude 1.0
#33 Updating Exception Built-ins to CFA Code (Requires Virtual) new minor cfa-cc 1.0
#101 Multi operators on tuples new major cfa-cc 1.0
#125 Warning for uninitialised fields new minor cfa-cc 1.0
#127 Anonymous parameters should have attribute((unused)) implicitly closed minor cfa-cc 1.0
#128 Rearchitect TupleType new minor cfa-cc 1.0
#133 Better signature for copy constructors. new major cfa-cc 1.0
#134 Unification is not the right logic for assertion resolution new major cfa-cc 1.0
#136 PtrsAssignable Rework new major cfa-cc 1.0
#143 Extended Designator Syntax for Arrays new major cfa-cc 1.0
#170 unpark new thread new minor libcfa 1.0
#181 Add Support for Opaque Polymorphic Types new minor cfa-cc 1.0
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