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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Component
#136 PtrsAssignable Rework new enhancement major cfa-cc
#143 Extended Designator Syntax for Arrays new enhancement major cfa-cc
#174 Cannot Check Exception Trait new defect major cfa-cc
#193 Monomorphization Failures outside of Functions new defect major cfa-cc
#200 Polymorphic Function Pointers not handled by Constructor new defect major cfa-cc
#203 Polymorphic Structure Initalization Errors new defect major cfa-cc
#205 Incorrect Lvalues On Expressions new defect major cfa-cc
#206 Replace Lvalues With References new enhancement major cfa-cc
#218 Distributed Qualifiers Change Signature new defect major cfa-cc
#221 Reference to Value Assertion Passes Value new defect major cfa-cc
#263 Missing Code Generation on Control Structure Initializers new defect major cfa-cc
#280 Compound Literal Hoisted Out of Function/typeof new defect major cfa-cc
#282 Double Member Expressions Cannot Be Used as Lvalues new defect major cfa-cc
#283 Shadowing Cause C Incompatability new defect major cfa-cc
#286 typeof Decays Array Types new defect major cfa-cc
#7 CFA Assertion Error: CodeGenerator visits TypeExpr in trait/genaric type new defect minor cfa-cc
#11 Compiler uses all Resources when Copying from Generic Function Result new defect minor cfa-cc
#33 Updating Exception Built-ins to CFA Code (Requires Virtual) new enhancement minor cfa-cc
#34 Incorrect Support for Two Argument ?: Operator new defect minor cfa-cc
#179 Bad Error Message if Missing sized in struct forall. new defect minor cfa-cc
#180 Assertion Failure Due to Missing sized new defect minor cfa-cc
#181 Add Support for Opaque Polymorphic Types new enhancement minor cfa-cc
#183 Polymorphic Variable Name Reuse Causes Crash new defect minor cfa-cc
#188 Aliasing C names with Cforall Names new enhancement minor cfa-cc
#191 Resolve For Assertions/Traits new enhancement minor cfa-cc
#211 Mutable Initializers are not Detected new enhancement minor cfa-cc
#216 Update Virtual Table Copy (Waiting on Copy Type Fix) new defect minor cfa-cc
#219 Forall Typedef new enhancement minor cfa-cc
#233 Colliding Exceptions Not Detected new defect minor cfa-cc
#246 Increase Control of AutoGenerated Routines new enhancement minor cfa-cc
#279 Compound Literal Construction Runs with Incorrect Timing new defect minor cfa-cc
#281 createBitwiseAssignment has an Internal Root new defect minor cfa-cc
#199 Only Forward Declare Concrete Instantiations When Needed new enhancement trivial cfa-cc
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