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(edit) @8f910430   8 months ajbeach Updated the virtual module to prefix the names with the new convention … arm-ehjacob/cs343-translationnew-ast-unique-expr
(edit) @aff7e86   9 months ajbeach Added a new attribute 'cfa_linkonce'. arm-ehjacob/cs343-translationnew-ast-unique-expr
(edit) @b583113   9 months ajbeach Recovered the polymorphic CoroutineCancelled? exception. The interface … arm-ehjacob/cs343-translationnew-ast-unique-expr
(edit) @b91bfde   10 months ajbeach Added and used some helpers. The widely useful one is a from_string … arm-ehjacob/cs343-translationnew-ast-unique-expr
(edit) @ecfd758   10 months ajbeach Major exception update, seperating type-ids from virtual tables. The … arm-ehjacob/cs343-translationnew-ast-unique-expr
(edit) @69c5c00   16 months ajbeach Rework exceptions mark_exception -> get_exception_vtable and the … arm-ehjacob/cs343-translationnew-ast-unique-expr
(edit) @1c01c58   17 months ajbeach Rather large commit to get coroutine cancellation working. This … arm-ehjacob/cs343-translationnew-ast-unique-expr
(edit) @5339a87   17 months Thierry Delisle Added headers to Makefile Sources (since they are supposed to be) arm-ehjacob/cs343-translationnew-ast-unique-expr
(edit) @6dba8755   18 months ajbeach I was given a trick with the indexer that fixes some scoping issues … arm-ehjacob/cs343-translationnew-astnew-ast-unique-expr
(edit) @f19fbbc   18 months ajbeach Fixed the virtual system so it can handle in polymorphic virtual … arm-ehjacob/cs343-translationnew-astnew-ast-unique-expr
(edit) @c19bc90   20 months ajbeach Better error messages in ExpandCasts?. arm-ehjacob/cs343-translationnew-astnew-ast-unique-expr
(edit) @8e6214f   3 years Rob Schluntz Update virtual cast handling to use ApplicationExpr? rather than … arm-ehcleanup-dtorsjacob/cs343-translationjenkins-sandboxnew-astnew-ast-unique-expr
(edit) @08fc48f   4 years Thierry Delisle Big header cleaning pass - commit 1 aaron-thesisarm-ehcleanup-dtorsdeferred_resndemanglerjacob/cs343-translationjenkins-sandboxnew-astnew-ast-unique-exprnew-envno_listpersistent-indexerresolv-newwith_gc
(edit) @cbce272   4 years ajbeach Structure based exception handling. aaron-thesisarm-ehcleanup-dtorsdeferred_resndemanglerjacob/cs343-translationjenkins-sandboxnew-astnew-ast-unique-exprnew-envno_listpersistent-indexerresolv-newwith_gc
(add) @a5f0529   5 years ajbeach Virtual casts have been added. They still require a lot of hand coded … aaron-thesisarm-ehcleanup-dtorsdeferred_resndemanglerjacob/cs343-translationjenkins-sandboxnew-astnew-ast-unique-exprnew-envno_listpersistent-indexerresolv-newwith_gc
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