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(edit) @9939dc3   9 months ajbeach Reduced the number of object files linked into the demangler. Some of … pthread-emulationqualifiedEnum
(edit) @7edd5c1   9 months ajbeach Assorted fixes to the AST, found while I was trying to add more … pthread-emulationqualifiedEnum
(edit) @298fe57   9 months ajbeach Translated 3/4 of validate_B. Link Reference To Types has been removed … pthread-emulationqualifiedEnum
(edit) @4ec9513   10 months ajbeach Converted validate C, including adding DimensionExpr? to the new ast. enumpthread-emulationqualifiedEnum
(edit) @b230091   10 months ajbeach Added a 'missing' TypeInstType? constructor and rewrote some calls to … enumpthread-emulationqualifiedEnum
(edit) @39d8950   11 months ajbeach Thread global information through resolution. Non-top-level calls to … enumpthread-emulationqualifiedEnum
(edit) @4f6dda0   11 months ajbeach Converted Implement Concurrent Keywords to the new AST. Includes … enumpthread-emulationqualifiedEnum old-sched
(edit) @a556492   12 months ajbeach There was less extra code in ForallPointerDecay? then I hopped, but it … enumforall-pointer-decaypthread-emulationqualifiedEnum
(edit) @51b8582   12 months ajbeach So it was a bug in old code that seemed to be cancelling itself out … enumforall-pointer-decaypthread-emulationqualifiedEnum
(edit) @9490621   12 months ajbeach My work in progress implementation of ForallPointerDecay? for Fangren. enumforall-pointer-decaypthread-emulationqualifiedEnum
(edit) @00a8e19   12 months ajbeach Missed one required file for the validate D changes, I think it was an … enumforall-pointer-decaypthread-emulationqualifiedEnum
(edit) @a488783   12 months ajbeach Translated the first half of validate-D. HoistControlStruct? is pretty … enumforall-pointer-decaypthread-emulationqualifiedEnum
(edit) @91a72ef   13 months ajbeach Some assorted bits of clean-up. InitializerLength? was missing some … enumforall-pointer-decaypthread-emulationqualifiedEnum
(edit) @56f519b   14 months ajbeach Clean-up of the last pass. Added a test for the constructor mutex … enumforall-pointer-decaypthread-emulationqualifiedEnum
(edit) @2cf3b87   14 months ajbeach Translated valitate-E after much bug hunting. enumforall-pointer-decaypthread-emulationqualifiedEnum
(edit) @ce36b55   15 months ajbeach Translation of Validate F; and some improvements in some helpers. enumforall-pointer-decaypthread-emulationqualifiedEnum
(edit) @5339a87   2 years Thierry Delisle Added headers to Makefile Sources (since they are supposed to be) arm-ehenumforall-pointer-decayjacob/cs343-translationnew-ast-unique-exprpthread-emulationqualifiedEnum
(edit) @043a5b6   4 years Thierry Delisle Extended dereference operator hack to destroy clause arm-ehenumforall-pointer-decayjacob/cs343-translationjenkins-sandboxnew-astnew-ast-unique-exprpthread-emulationqualifiedEnum
(edit) @933f32f   4 years Thierry Delisle Merge branch 'master' into cleanup-dtors arm-ehcleanup-dtorsenumforall-pointer-decayjacob/cs343-translationjenkins-sandboxnew-astnew-ast-unique-exprpthread-emulationqualifiedEnum
(edit) @7abee38   4 years Thierry Delisle Cleaned some files and preparing for better stats in the compiler aaron-thesisarm-ehcleanup-dtorsenumforall-pointer-decayjacob/cs343-translationjenkins-sandboxnew-astnew-ast-unique-exprpersistent-indexerpthread-emulationqualifiedEnum
(edit) @2bfc6b2   4 years Rob Schluntz Refactor FindSpecialDeclarations? and associated special declarations arm-ehcleanup-dtorsenumforall-pointer-decayjacob/cs343-translationjenkins-sandboxnew-astnew-ast-unique-exprpthread-emulationqualifiedEnum
(edit) @5cbacf1   5 years Rob Schluntz Refactor eval into Common aaron-thesisarm-ehcleanup-dtorsdeferred_resndemanglerenumforall-pointer-decayjacob/cs343-translationjenkins-sandboxnew-astnew-ast-unique-exprno_listpersistent-indexerpthread-emulationqualifiedEnum
(edit) @05e6eb5   5 years Rob Schluntz Warn about constructor/destructor priorities 101-200 only when not … aaron-thesisarm-ehcleanup-dtorsdeferred_resndemanglerenumforall-pointer-decayjacob/cs343-translationjenkins-sandboxnew-astnew-ast-unique-exprno_listpersistent-indexerpthread-emulationqualifiedEnum
(add) @fd2debf   5 years Rob Schluntz Add checks for constructor/destructor attribute arguments aaron-thesisarm-ehcleanup-dtorsdeferred_resndemanglerenumforall-pointer-decayjacob/cs343-translationjenkins-sandboxnew-astnew-ast-unique-exprno_listpersistent-indexerpthread-emulationqualifiedEnum
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