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Apr 16, 2020, 12:00:42 PM (3 years ago)
Thierry Delisle <tdelisle@…>
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7215000, 9a7c88f

Fixed regenerate-expected with respect to new multi-arch feature

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  • tests/

    r1c412aa r41af19c  
    6767                for testname in options.tests :
    6868                        testname = canonical_path( testname )
     69                        # first check if this is a valid name to regenerate
    6970                        if Test.valid_name(testname):
     71                                # this is a valid name, let's check if it already exists
    7072                                found = [test for test in all_tests if canonical_path( ) == testname]
    71                                 tests.append( found[0] if len(found) == 1 else Test.from_target(testname) )
     73                                if not found:
     74                                        # it's a new name, create it according to the name and specified architecture
     75                                        if options.arch:
     76                                                # user specified one or multiple architectures, assume the tests will have architecture specific results
     77                                                tests.extend( [Test.new_target(testname, arch) for arch in settings.all_arch] )
     78                                        else:
     79                                                # user didn't specify an architecture, just create a cross platform test
     80                                                tests.append( Test.new_target( testname, None ) )
     81                                elif len(found) == 1 and not found[0].arch:
     82                                        # we found a single test, the user better be wanting to create a cross platform test
     83                                        if options.arch:
     84                                                print('ERROR: "%s", test has no specified architecture but --arch was specified, ignoring it' % testname, file=sys.stderr)
     85                                        else:
     86                                                tests.append( found[0] )
     87                                else:
     88                                        # this test is already cross platform, just add a test for each platform the user asked
     89                                        tests.extend( [Test.new_target(testname, arch) for arch in settings.all_arch] )
     91                                        # print a warning if it users didn't ask for a specific architecture
     92                                        if not options.arch:
     93                                                print('WARNING: "%s", test has architecture specific expected files but --arch was not specified, regenerating only for current host' % testname, file=sys.stderr)
    7295                        else :
    7396                                print('ERROR: "%s", tests are not allowed to end with a C/C++/CFA extension, ignoring it' % testname, file=sys.stderr)
    91114        parser.add_argument('--debug', help='Run all tests in debug or release', type=comma_separated(yes_no), default='yes')
    92115        parser.add_argument('--install', help='Run all tests based on installed binaries or tree binaries', type=comma_separated(yes_no), default='no')
    93         parser.add_argument('--arch', help='Test for specific architecture', type=comma_separated(str), default='')
     116        parser.add_argument('--arch', help='Test for specific architecture', type=comma_separated(str), default=None)
    94117        parser.add_argument('--continue', help='When multiple specifications are passed (debug/install/arch), sets whether or not to continue if the last specification failed', type=yes_no, default='yes', dest='continue_')
    95118        parser.add_argument('--timeout', help='Maximum duration in seconds after a single test is considered to have timed out', type=int, default=60)
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