source: tests/concurrent @ c06551b

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
.expect 4f6dda0   11 months ajbeach Converted Implement Concurrent Keywords to the new AST. Includes …
barrier a18373a   10 months Thierry Delisle Added a hook for the barrier's last block. Added testing to go with it.
examples 6dc7011a   9 months Thierry Delisle Tentative test for non-executable heap, currently broken
futures c06551b   8 months caparson added wait_any to for future_t
mutexstmt 80e39f1   10 months Thierry Delisle Removed unnecessary stats include.
park e235429   2 years Thierry Delisle Removed last parker/unparker information is it was not particularly useful
readyQ 928128d   10 months Thierry Delisle Changed test to use regular prng
signal 8f1a99e   19 months Thierry Delisle Step 3 Fixed tests
waitfor cca568e   3 years pabuhr change all example waitfor statements from comma separate to colon
clib.c 1.8 KB a5e7233   23 months Thierry Delisle C interface now runs worker init routine in dedicated thread. Also …
clib_tls.c 1.1 KB 090a7c5   21 months Thierry Delisle Disable preemption in clib_tls. The tls init feature is not very … 476 bytes 66812dd   2 years pabuhr convert tests to always print output (no empty .expect files) 875 bytes aaf92de   22 months Thierry Delisle Moved coroutine to global scope to ease debugging 212 bytes 56f519b   14 months ajbeach Clean-up of the last pass. Added a test for the constructor mutex … 848 bytes 0dbecad   2 years Thierry Delisle Added tests for join thread 1.0 KB 0dbecad   2 years Thierry Delisle Added tests for join thread 104 bytes 6c3a5ac1   3 years Thierry Delisle Added better check to guarantee proper includes are present when using … 36 bytes a494d105   11 months ajbeach Added a semantic error if the proper includes are not used before a … 659 bytes ed12051   3 years Thierry Delisle Reduced iterations of concurrent/monitor by 25% 1.2 KB fd54fef   2 years mlbrooks Converting the project to use the new syntax for otype, dtype and … 743 bytes fc72696c   12 months Thierry Delisle Added second preempt test that checks the same thing but using a … 2.0 KB 7b2c8c3c   12 months Thierry Delisle Moved globals to a struct so maybe gcc won't just optimize out my … 717 bytes 237df76   16 months pabuhr convert from test programs I/O acquire to mutex statement 1.5 KB dfa4360   3 years Thierry Delisle Added several tests for generators 833 bytes 454f478   2 years Thierry Delisle Re-arranged and commented low-level headers. Main goal was for better …
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