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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
benchmark bb7e3d4   6 years Thierry Delisle Removed second processor in scheduling benchmark, since it was …
CodeGen ab4bff5   6 years Rob Schluntz Update CodeGen? to correctly print type assertions for debug
CodeTools 4e8949f   7 years Rob Schluntz Handle ConstructorExpr? in CodeGenerator?
Common 2e30d47   6 years Thierry Delisle Fixed gcc-7 build
Concurrency 08da53d   7 years Rob Schluntz Refactor findSingleExpr and remove unnecessary resolver-generated casts
ControlStruct d48e529   7 years Rob Schluntz Begin to introduce support for yylloc in the parser and extend …
Docs 843054c2   9 years pabuhr licencing: seventh groups of files
driver 201aeb9   7 years pabuhr first attempt at new basic-type int128, and length suffix with …
examples af0c8da   6 years pabuhr move polymorphic sum to tests directory
GenPoly a365e0d   6 years Rob Schluntz Remove CopyParams? pass
include be151bf   6 years Rob Schluntz Minor cleanup in InsertImplicitCalls? and augment assert in …
InitTweak e41306d   6 years Rob Schluntz Transfer env from constructor to SingleInit? when simplifying intrinsic …
libcfa de737c8   6 years Thierry Delisle Added new sort function for monitors
Parser bd7f401   6 years pabuhr formatting
prelude 8053d2c   6 years pabuhr formatting
ResolvExpr 150ec33   6 years Rob Schluntz Fix bug in computing union conversion costs
SymTab e220391   6 years Rob Schluntz Fix gcc 4/5 error
SynTree 582ee28   6 years Rob Schluntz Fix unique id for union field constructor parameter, small cleanup in …
tests af0c8da   6 years pabuhr move polymorphic sum to tests directory
Tuples 6bbce58   7 years Rob Schluntz Fix bug where explode removes non-reference casts in tuple assignment
Virtual 08fc48f   7 years Thierry Delisle Big header cleaning pass - commit 1 18.0 KB af98d27   6 years Thierry Delisle ifdef out attribute fallthrough for older gccs 1.5 KB 4e9c7c1   7 years Thierry Delisle Update lex.ll to no longer require, since it has name … 305.4 KB a365e0d   6 years Rob Schluntz Remove CopyParams? pass 5.1 KB 10295d8   7 years Rob Schluntz Stop returning constructor/destructor expressions in prelude generation
MakeLibCfa.h 686 bytes 6b0b624   7 years pabuhr change #ifndef to #pragma once
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