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Distributing Tarball
  1. Created new library with code directly from CS 343 A6 (details)
  2. Convert to using CFA file stream I/O (details)
  3. Coalesced all file closes to one location (details)
  4. Converted += 1 to ++ (details)
  5. Removed unneeded include (details)
  6. Began using CFA loop constructs (details)
  7. Removed bit of C++ code (details)
  8. Removed remaining bits of C++ code (details)
  9. Declared ifstream before try block (details)
  10. Closed ifstream before exiting prematurely (details)
  11. Removed checking for a specific number of entries in the config file (details)
  12. Changed name of function exposed in parseconfig header (details)
  13. Removed useless finally block (details)
  14. Removed code specific to CS 343 assignment (details)
  15. Removed old comments (details)
  16. Restructured parseconfig to work like parseargs (details)
  17. Created array to hold intermediate format (string, string) (details)
  18. Removed old validation code (details)
  19. Began using intermediate format (details)
  20. Added code to parse values (details)
  21. Removed old config parameters (details)
  22. Added default parse function signatures to header file (details)
  23. Fixed error setting size of list of KVPs (details)
  24. Broke apart reading to intermediate format and parsing from intermediate (details)
  25. Changed descriptive comment for parse_config (details)
  26. Made some small changes (details)
  27. Switched to importing default parsing functions from parseargs (details)
  28. Fixed compiler error around type of generic parse function (details)
  29. Added ability to specify optional validation function (details)
  30. Added exception that will be used to signal failed validation (details)
  31. Added optional validation step when parsing values (details)
  32. Added some basic examples of validation functions (details)
  33. Added missing includes (details)
  34. Began using new math.trait.hfa (details)
  35. Fixed type warning (details)
  36. Switched to allocating KVPairs on heap (details)
  37. Freed KVPairs in case of error (details)
  38. Removed warnings (details)
  39. Reverted to using reference to KVPairs (details)
  40. Added string builder-like struct (details)
  41. Just realized this isn't bash-style config! (details)
  42. Added temporary code to read in config file (details)
  43. Ignored more types of whitespace (details)
  44. Switched to using fixed-size buffers (details)
  45. Used constructor to open file (details)
  46. Re-simplified code to detect lines with comments (details)
  47. Ripped out old code for new one provided by Prof. Buhr (details)
  48. Slimmed down copied code (details)
  49. Removed old string builder code (details)
  50. Reverted to using long form of opening file (details)
  51. Cleaned up (details)
  52. Fixed issue caused by reuse of string buffers (details)
  53. Removed redundant reinitialization of buffers (details)
  54. Switched to allocating array of KVPs on heap (details)
  55. Added case to handle initial allocation for KVP array (details)
  56. Allowed config format to be specified (details)
  57. Changed quotes used for clarity (details)
  58. Added comments where I'm having problems (details)
  59. Removed warning (details)
  60. Changed unsigned int to size_t (details)
  61. Used more modern built-in EHM (details)
  62. Added spaces (details)
  63. Freed space allocated for strings (details)
  64. Fixed some issues with unfreed memory (details)
  65. Fixed realloc error (details)
  66. Improved EHM code (details)
  67. Cleaned up and un-nested code (details)
  68. Removed old comment (details)
  69. Removed error for unknown config format (details)
  70. Removed printing of errors in library code (details)
  71. Simplified validation logic (details)
  72. Fixed spelling mistake (details)
  73. Added exception for when there are missing config entries (details)
  74. Added more info to "missing config entry" exception (details)
  75. Added more information to exceptions (details)
  76. Added message function for exceptions I've created (details)
  77. Made little changes and added comments (details)
  78. Fixed up comments (details)
  79. Andrew MMath: First pass on adding missing citations. (details)
  80. Fixed message function for Missing_Config_Entries (details)
  81. Wrote test suite for parse_config (details)
  82. Andrew MMath: Two missing paragraphs in future work about special cases in virtual table generation. (details)
  83. Used in-English-order variable declaration syntax (details)
  84. Added more TODOs (details)
  85. Added some clarifying Peter Buhr-style comments (details)
  86. Andrew MMath: Clean-up pass addressing (or deciding not to address) most of the remaining \todo items. (details)
  87. Changed API of parse_config to accept parse function (details)
  88. Used in-English-order declaration syntax in header file too (details)
  89. Andrew MMath: That's the rest of the \todo items and everything needed for the initial submission. (details)
  90. Andrew MMath: Nope! Forgot to delete one \todo. (details)
  91. Andrew MMath: Added abstract. Should be ready for the readers now. (details)
  92. Minor fixes to makefiles for mutex stmt (details)
  93. Some clean-up in the exception benchmark directory. Mostly just shortening names. (details)
  94. Update another file in the exception benchmarks as well as some print formatting. (details)
  95. Added default argument (details)
  96. Reverted to using English-speaking-order syntax (details)
  97. Removed default parser argument (details)
  98. cleaned up some mutex stmt related code (details)
  99. added some mutex stmt benchmarking (details)
  100. Baseline of the string implementation. (details)
  101. attempt to remove tail-recursion optimization (details)
  102. Follow-up, perventing recursion removal in C++. (details)
  103. Some clean-up to make Peter's changes to the exception benchmarks fit in better. And make a bit more robust. (details)
  104. Initial fix to fstreams not throwing in release (details)
  105. Simple release function on unique_ptrs (details)
  106. Forgot to change memory.hfa (details)

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