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Distributing Tarball
  1. Copied out and reverted changes to thesis. (details)
  2. Andrew MMath: Fixes in the conclusion and main body. Used Peter's infroduction feedback; which was never wrong in the first place. (details)
  3. Andrew MMath: Used Peter's feedback for the existing chapter. (details)
  4. Andrew MMath: Added in Peter's feedback to the feature's chapter. (details)
  5. Andrew MMath: Updated features to include the new exception syntax. (details)
  6. Saved and reverted another set of Peter's changes. (details)
  7. Andrew MMath: Folded in Peter's changes to conclusion. (details)
  8. Andrew MMath: Folded in Peter's feedback on the Future Work chapter. (details)
  9. Andrew MMath: Folded in Peter's updates to the implement chapter. (details)
  10. Andrew MMath: Added implementation notes for the new virtual and exception syntax. (details)
  11. small changes and hopefully fixed build (details)
  12. Andrew MMath: Updated performance chapter, using Peter's feedback and discussion. (details)
  13. Andrew MMath: Fix \input to point at the new file name (file renamed a while ago). (details)
  14. Hopefully removing -f means I'll never have to recover from that again. (details)
  15. proofread chapter performance.tex (details)
  16. Revert "proofread chapter performance.tex", updates have been saved. (details)
  17. Andrew MMath: More updates to the performance chapter. (details)
  18. add code to prevent tail recursion optimization (details)
  19. proofread sections 3.2 and 3.3 (details)
  20. proofread sections 4.1.4 and 4.2 (details)
  21. remove extra "head" label in figure (details)
  22. Andrew MMath: Saved and reverting updates on the new syntax. (details)
  23. Andrew MMath: Features chapter updated from Peter's focused review. (details)
  24. Andrew MMath: Implement chapter updated from Peter's focused review. (details)

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