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Cannot get reference to generic member of generic struct — at Version 1

Reported by: mlbrooks Owned by: mlbrooks
Priority: major Component: cfa-cc
Version: 1.0 Keywords:

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Minimal example:

forall( dtype T )
struct a {};

struct b1 {
    a(int) aa;

forall( dtype T )
struct b2 {
    a(T) aa;

int main() {
    #ifndef THE_ERROR
    b1 thingb;
    b2(int) thingb;

    a(int) & thinga = thingb.aa;

On the error, message is:

CFA Version 1.0.0 (debug) In function ‘_X4mainFi___1’: error: lvalue required as unary ‘&’ operand
     a(int) & thinga = thingb.aa;

Using a pointer, in place of a reference, may be a workaround. This version compiles properly:

int main() {
    b2(int) thingb;
    a(int) * thinga = &thingb.aa;

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Summary: Cannot access inner member by reference when structs are genericCannot get reference to generic member of generic struct
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