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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
benchmark 7711064   3 months Thierry Delisle Added the transfer benchmark for libfibre
doc 692f0c8   3 months pabuhr proofread implementation chapter
driver e35a32b   6 months pabuhr global add -Wno-strict-aliasing to cfa command to prevent warnings for …
example 4aa495f   3 months pabuhr More fixes after another change to getTimeNsec()
Jenkins e825c9d   4 months Thierry Delisle De-activated old-ast for x86 in full build
libcfa 8464edf   3 months Thierry Delisle 'print_stats_now' now pulls stats from processors.
longrun_tests ffd5948   7 months caparson added full length lock test
src b9dae14c   3 months mlbrooks Activated syntax, forall( [N] ). This implementation desugars in the …
tests 938885d3   3 months mlbrooks Fixing a false failure of the new array test on x86-32 -O3.
tools 6abcb4d   3 months Thierry Delisle Fixed printing of thread state in gdb
.autom4te.cfg 290 bytes d817f5a   3 years Thierry Delisle Added config files to move autom4te cache out of root folder
.gitignore 1.3 KB dfbfcf1   6 months pabuhr git ignore file benchmark/Cargo.toml 626 bytes f575124   12 months Thierry Delisle Added script to setup automake before running configure 10.2 KB 49ce636   7 months Thierry Delisle Added Rust cargo file to simplify generation of rust benchmarks
INSTALL 1002 bytes ca0f5e34   3 years Thierry Delisle Update install file
Jenkinsfile 14.9 KB a33dcd5   5 months Thierry Delisle Forgot to stage som stuff
LICENSE 1.5 KB c11e31c   6 years pabuhr add inline and attribute qualifiers, cfa.y comment formatting, fix … 2.3 KB 5992ff4   8 months Thierry Delisle Tentative fix to last commit
README 4.9 KB da60c631   3 years Thierry Delisle Fixed various urls after https migration
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