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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
benchmark 90ecade   20 months Thierry Delisle Added first draft at a locality benchmark. Only go implementation for now.
doc 72b1800   20 months Thierry Delisle Some previous in progress work. Commited only so it stops showing in …
driver 2a59655   20 months Thierry Delisle make distcheck FINALLY passes
example 0f88a225   21 months Thierry Delisle updated out-of-date example echo network server
Jenkins 867fca3   20 months Thierry Delisle Fix how full build converts ints to string
libcfa 97229d6   20 months Thierry Delisle Changed stack creation to toggle between mmap and malloc based on the …
longrun_tests 6bd2cfb   2 years Thierry Delisle Removed generated automake files. * WARNING * With this push …
src 2dda05d   20 months f37yu recursively visit inferred
tests edf3ff1   20 months pabuhr add collection tests
tools 5992ff4   20 months Thierry Delisle Tentative fix to last commit
.autom4te.cfg 290 bytes d817f5a   4 years Thierry Delisle Added config files to move autom4te cache out of root folder
.gitignore 1.3 KB d5a1b46   21 months pabuhr update files in .gitignore 626 bytes f575124   2 years Thierry Delisle Added script to setup automake before running configure 10.2 KB a1850ac   20 months Thierry Delisle No longer distribute tools or pretty/printer
INSTALL 1002 bytes ca0f5e34   4 years Thierry Delisle Update install file
Jenkinsfile 14.8 KB 3bc59b7   20 months Thierry Delisle Removed test
LICENSE 1.5 KB c11e31c   7 years pabuhr add inline and attribute qualifiers, cfa.y comment formatting, fix … 2.3 KB 5992ff4   20 months Thierry Delisle Tentative fix to last commit
README 4.9 KB da60c631   4 years Thierry Delisle Fixed various urls after https migration
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