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1These instructions assume the install <prefix> for uC++ is /usr/local/u++-7.0.0.
2If installed elsewhere, change <prefix>.
4Copy <prefix>/.gdbinit to your home directory. If installed elsewhere, change
5the <prefix> within .gdbinit. Thereafter, gdb automatically loads the .gdbinit
6file from the home directory making the following new gdb commands available.
8New commands:
10    clusters                        : print all clusters
11    processors                      : print all processors on all clusters
12    processors  <clusterName>       : print all processors on cluster
13    task                            : print userCluster tasks, application tasks only
14    task <clusterName>              : print cluster tasks, application tasks only
15    task all                        : print all clusters, all tasks
16    task <id>                       : switch stack to task id on userCluster
17    task 0x<address>                : switch stack to task on any cluster
18    task <id> <clusterName>         : switch stack to task on specified cluster
19    prevtask                        : return to last switched task
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