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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
benchmark 56de6b39   4 years Thierry Delisle Updated java signal benchmarks more closely mirror cfa/uC++ benchmarks
CodeGen f0ecf9b   4 years Rob Schluntz Remove TypeDecl::Any, as it is subsumed by Dtype+sized
CodeTools 4e8949f   4 years Rob Schluntz Handle ConstructorExpr? in CodeGenerator?
Common 25ba999   4 years Rob Schluntz Add Debug namespace and treeDump debug routine
Concurrency 0cf5b79   4 years Thierry Delisle Added generic containers for runtime. Moved some internal code to bits …
ControlStruct d48e529   4 years Rob Schluntz Begin to introduce support for yylloc in the parser and extend …
Docs 843054c2   7 years pabuhr licencing: seventh groups of files
driver fa477f7   4 years pabuhr add -N and -L command-line flags
examples af0c8da   4 years pabuhr move polymorphic sum to tests directory
GenPoly 4e7a4e6   4 years Rob Schluntz Re-add FixDtypeStatic? pass
include be151bf   4 years Rob Schluntz Minor cleanup in InsertImplicitCalls? and augment assert in …
InitTweak 5fe35d6   4 years Rob Schluntz Move addIds and addTypes to Indexer
libcfa 0cf5b79   4 years Thierry Delisle Added generic containers for runtime. Moved some internal code to bits …
Parser 481115f   4 years pabuhr change semantics of CFA routine-prototype declaration
prelude cdbfab0   4 years Rob Schluntz Remove unsafe void * constructors and assignment operators from …
ResolvExpr 8a62d04   4 years Rob Schluntz Add function cost to UntypedExpr? resolution cost
SymTab 1f370451   4 years Rob Schluntz Carry attributes through typedefs
SynTree 487845d7   4 years Rob Schluntz Add aggregate qualifiers to MemberExpr? type [fixes #65]
tests 8eb348a   4 years pabuhr update 32-bit functions test
Tuples 62194cb   4 years a3moss Reduce duplication of cost/env in ExplodedActual?
Virtual 08fc48f   4 years Thierry Delisle Big header cleaning pass - commit 1 18.3 KB f0994a1   4 years Rob Schluntz Read as BuiltinC and update 64-bit test output to remove … 1.5 KB 4e9c7c1   4 years Thierry Delisle Update lex.ll to no longer require, since it has name … 308.1 KB a8b27c6   4 years a3moss Pre-explode arguments in AlternativeFinder? 5.1 KB 10295d8   4 years Rob Schluntz Stop returning constructor/destructor expressions in prelude generation
MakeLibCfa.h 686 bytes 6b0b624   4 years pabuhr change #ifndef to #pragma once
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