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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
benchmark 43426d4   7 years Thierry Delisle Jenkins benchmark now also measure internal scheduling
CodeGen c850687   7 years ajbeach Add -L flag to turn of line marks. Updated the keyword list.
CodeTools dba6db9   7 years ajbeach Added CodeTools::fillLocations, not called yet.
Common f57668a   7 years ajbeach Foundation for adding line numbers to generated output.
Concurrency 102a58b   7 years Thierry Delisle -fixed error in concurrency keywords -implemented more agressive test …
ControlStruct af68f0a   7 years Rob Schluntz change all break/continue statements into goto for consistency and fix …
Docs 843054c2   9 years pabuhr licencing: seventh groups of files
driver 9d944b2   7 years Thierry Delisle Implemented interposing for abort and exit, implemented safer debug output
examples 17af7d1   7 years Thierry Delisle Some clean-up of runtime code
GenPoly 45a4ea7   7 years Rob Schluntz fix out-of-order traversal in PolyMutator?
include d1969a6   8 years Rob Schluntz check that assignment routines have a reasonable signature, add …
InitTweak a4dd728   7 years Rob Schluntz fix initialization of unmanaged static objects
libcfa 9643b31   7 years Thierry Delisle Adde benchmark for multi-monitor internal-scheduling
Parser ecb27a7   7 years Rob Schluntz dtor operator syntax is now a void-typed expression
prelude ff178ee   7 years a3moss add relational operators for char and short to prelude
ResolvExpr ca946a4   7 years Rob Schluntz fix anonymous member conversions on function calls
SymTab ed8a0d2   7 years Rob Schluntz constructor taking an array parameter is now an error
SynTree 262f085f   7 years Rob Schluntz add version of CodeGen::generate for a single node for use in gdb
tests 19801aa   7 years Thierry Delisle Waiting test for monitor is more robust
Tuples 94a8123   7 years Rob Schluntz change name of generated tuple types
initialization.txt 2.9 KB 9cb8e88d   8 years Rob Schluntz validate constructors and destructors - ensure they return nothing, … 15.3 KB c850687   7 years ajbeach Add -L flag to turn of line marks. Updated the keyword list. 1.5 KB 68ac32e   7 years Thierry Delisle added concurrency module to compiler 304.3 KB 365da371   7 years Rob Schluntz adding TrackLoc?.cc to the build 3.9 KB 845cedc   8 years Rob Schluntz don't generate copy constructor calls for arguments to intrinsic …
MakeLibCfa.h 756 bytes 843054c2   9 years pabuhr licencing: seventh groups of files
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