source: src @ 1449d83

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
benchmark 91496f3   6 years Thierry Delisle Fixed behcnmarks for jenkins
CodeGen 7dc0246d   6 years Rob Schluntz Convert GenType? to PassVisitor?
CodeTools 326cd2b   6 years a3moss Update DeclStats? with more stats, handle new linkage specs
Common 73367a8   6 years Rob Schluntz Add InitExpr? and UntypedInitExpr? functionality to PassVisitor?
Concurrency d2d50d7   6 years Thierry Delisle Fixed warnings in jenkins benchmark
ControlStruct c0b9f5d   6 years Rob Schluntz Convert VarExprReplacer? to PassVisitor?
Docs 843054c2   9 years pabuhr licencing: seventh groups of files
driver e0e47d4   6 years pabuhr stop gcc strcmp unrolling
examples af0c8da   7 years pabuhr move polymorphic sum to tests directory
GenPoly 1a4bef3   6 years Rob Schluntz Ensure that dereference type is marked as lvalue after reference …
include be151bf   7 years Rob Schluntz Minor cleanup in InsertImplicitCalls? and augment assert in …
InitTweak b3fc977   6 years Rob Schluntz Merge MutatingResolver? pass into GenStructMemberCalls?
libcfa 65deb18   6 years Thierry Delisle Kernel now properly uses with statments
Parser b9be000b   6 years pabuhr parse _Static_assert in structure
prelude 42be3c3   6 years Thierry Delisle Removed extraneous arithmetic operations on booleans
ResolvExpr fee651f   6 years Rob Schluntz Refactor AlternativeFinder? handling of LogicalExpr? and RangeExpr? to …
SymTab d7d9a60   6 years Rob Schluntz Convert Mangler to PassVisitor?
SynTree c0b9f5d   6 years Rob Schluntz Convert VarExprReplacer? to PassVisitor?
tests 1449d83   6 years Thierry Delisle Updated longrun tests which where out of date
Tuples f240484   6 years Rob Schluntz Convert MemberTupleExpander? to PassVisitor?
Virtual 08fc48f   7 years Thierry Delisle Big header cleaning pass - commit 1 18.3 KB f0994a1   7 years Rob Schluntz Read as BuiltinC and update 64-bit test output to remove … 1.5 KB 4e9c7c1   7 years Thierry Delisle Update lex.ll to no longer require, since it has name … 302.9 KB d16d159   7 years Rob Schluntz Remove unused ImplementationType? pass 5.0 KB ba3706f   7 years Rob Schluntz Remove label lists from various Statement constructors
MakeLibCfa.h 686 bytes 6b0b624   7 years pabuhr change #ifndef to #pragma once
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