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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
Stats 095b99a   4 years ajbeach Added TimeCall? as a more flexible alternative to TimeBlock?. TimeBlock? 1.7 KB 6a625de   5 years Thierry Delisle Some clean-up, some more assertions to check assumptions and changes …
CodeLocation.h 1.6 KB d48e529   7 years Rob Schluntz Begin to introduce support for yylloc in the parser and extend …
CompilerError.h 859 bytes 6b0b624   7 years pabuhr change #ifndef to #pragma once
Debug.h 2.0 KB 07de76b   5 years pabuhr remove file TypeVar?.h* and put TypeVar::Kind into TypeDecl?, move … 2.0 KB fb114fa1   8 years pabuhr more refactoring of parser code
ErrorObjects.h 1.6 KB 9d1e3f7   6 years Rob Schluntz Minor updates 5.3 KB 77d2432   5 years pabuhr patch sizeof evaluation problem temporarily, and make parameters constant
FilterCombos.h 3.0 KB 6d6e829   6 years a3moss First compiling draft of deferred assertions (build failure)
Indenter.h 1.3 KB 4e5e6cc   5 years Thierry Delisle Fixed indentation and remove too strict abort 915 bytes 4f97937   5 years Thierry Delisle First draft at timing results, left is better printing and more data 514 bytes b8665e3   5 years a3moss First build with persistent-map indexer
PassVisitor.h 28.8 KB 37cdd97   4 years Thierry Delisle Added a ast node for suspend statements
PassVisitor.impl.h 108.0 KB 37cdd97   4 years Thierry Delisle Added a ast node for suspend statements
PassVisitor.proto.h 12.1 KB 680ae0e   4 years Thierry Delisle Changed cleanup stack in pass visitor to use std::vector
PersistentMap.h 7.5 KB 1febef62   5 years a3moss Fix gcc-7 errors in persistent map
ScopedMap.h 11.6 KB 4612bb0   6 years a3moss Add push operations for ScopedMap? notes 5.0 KB 1a69a90   5 years Thierry Delisle Added --colors command line arguments to have more control on whether …
SemanticError.h 3.9 KB 98538288   4 years Thierry Delisle Moved VerifyCtorDtorAssign? up and changed return type check to support …
Stats.h 1.2 KB 1bb9a9a   5 years Thierry Delisle Some clean-up and comenting
UnimplementedError.h 886 bytes 6b0b624   7 years pabuhr change #ifndef to #pragma once 820 bytes 5f2f2d7   9 years pabuhr fix constant types, remove unnecessary string copying, work on …
UniqueName.h 737 bytes 6b0b624   7 years pabuhr change #ifndef to #pragma once
utility.h 15.1 KB 8abca06   4 years pabuhr rewrite isPrefix using memcmp to increase performance, same change in …
VectorMap.h 8.1 KB 6b0b624   7 years pabuhr change #ifndef to #pragma once
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