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2\todo{A proper intro}
4The C programming language\cit{C}
6The \CFA programming language\cite{cfa:frontpage,cfa:typesystem} which extends the C programming language to add modern safety and productiviy features while maintaining backwards compatibility. Among it's productiviy features, \CFA introduces support for threading\cit{CFA Concurrency}, to allow programmers to write modern concurrent and parallel programming.
7While previous work on the concurrent package of \CFA focused on features and interfaces, this thesis focuses on performance, introducing \glsxtrshort{api} changes only when required by performance considerations. More specifically, this thesis concentrates on scheduling and \glsxtrshort{io}. Prior to this work, the \CFA runtime used a strictly \glsxtrshort{fifo} \gls{rQ}.
9This work exclusively concentrates on Linux as it's operating system since the existing \CFA runtime and compiler does not already support other operating systems. Furthermore, as \CFA is yet to be released, supporting version of Linux older that the latest version is not a goal of this work.
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