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3% Just a little knot to tie the paper together.
5In the previous chapters this thesis presents the design and implementation of
6\CFA's EHM.  Both the design and implementation are based off of tools and
7techniques developed for other programming languages but they were adapted to
8better fit \CFA's feature set and add a few features that do not exist in other
9EHMs, like conditional catch, default handlers, implicitly changing resumption
10into termination in the resumption default handler, and cancellation through
11coroutines and threads back to program main.
13The resulting features cover all of the major use cases of the most popular
14termination EHMs of today, along with reintroducing resumption exceptions and
15creating some new features that fit with \CFA's larger programming patterns,
16such as virtuals independent of traditional objects.
18The implementation has been tested through a set of small but interesting micro-benchmarks
19and compared to other implementations.
20The results, while not cutting edge, are good enough for prototyping, which
21is \CFA's current stage of development.
23This initial EHM is a valuable new feature for \CFA in its own right but also serves
24as a tool and motivation for other developments in the language.
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