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1Listings package
3Copyright 1996--2004 Carsten Heinz (the package)
4Copyright 1996--2007 individual authors (language drivers)
5Copyright 2006--2007 Brooks Moses (continued maintenance)
6Copyright 2013--     Jobst Hoffmann (continued maintenance)
8$Id: README 38 2013-06-16 19:03:21Z j_hoffmann $
10Released under the LaTeX Project Public License 1.3 or later
12The `listings' package is a source code printer for LaTeX.
13You can typeset stand alone files as well as listings with
14an environment similar to `verbatim' as well as you can
15print code snippets using a command similar to \verb'.
16Many parameters control the output and if your preferred
17programming language isn't already supported, you can make
18your own definition.
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