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Jenkins no longer uses maintainer-clean

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[c78e410]3//checkout the source code and clean the repo
[7aebc62]4stage 'Checkout'
5node {
[f2b977a]6        checkout scm
[1e34653]7        sh 'git clean -dfq'
11stage 'Build'
12node ('master'){
[23a14d86]13        //configure the conpilation
[d3d0069]14        try {
[c78e410]15                sh 'make clean > /dev/null'
[e8a22a7]16                sh 'CC=gcc-4.9 CXX=g++-4.9 ./configure > /dev/null'
[ed091cd]17                sh 'make -j 8'
[1e34653]18                email("SUCCESS", false)
[d3d0069]19        } catch (Exception e) {
[1e34653]20                email("FAILURE", true)
[e8a22a7]21                throw e;
[d3d0069]22        }
[19ad15b]25def email(String status, boolean log) {
[e8a22a7]26        //Since tokenizer doesn't work, figure stuff out from the environnement variables and command line
27        //Configurations for email format
28        def project_name = (env.JOB_NAME =~ /(.+)\/.+/)[0][1].toLowerCase()
[bb5a0bb]30        def email_subject = "[${project_name} git] UNNAMED PROJECT branch ${env.BRANCH_NAME} - Build # ${env.BUILD_NUMBER} - ${status}!"
[ed091cd]31        def email_body = """    This is an automated email from the Jenkins build machine. It was
[e8a22a7]32        generated because of a git hooks/post-receive script following
33        a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
34        the project "UNNAMED PROJECT".
[ed091cd]36        The branch ${env.BRANCH_NAME} has been updated.
38        Check console output at ${env.BUILD_URL} to view the results."""
[71b7843]40        def config = new File('/u/cforall/software/cfa/cfa-cc/config').text
41        def email_to = (config =~ /mailinglist ?= ?(.+)/)[0][1]
43        //send email notification
[1e34653]44        emailext body: email_body, subject: email_subject, to: email_to, attachLog: log
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