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  1. Changed how the cross exception benchmarks prevent optimization. Hopefully this will work on more platforms. (details)
  2. Translate forall variants of exception/vtable decls (details)
  3. Added intro chapter (details)
  1. switched unified locking to use dlist (details)
  2. Fix cc1 -E flag for use with gcc11 (details)
  3. Full build now promotes to GitHub (details)
  4. Attempt to fix the stack checker for when coroutines are interrupted at the wrong moment (details)
  5. first attempt to fix compile-only pragma message that gcc-10/11 quote (details)
  6. Forgot to add symmetric change to last verify change (details)
  7. revert compile-only pragma message because compilers use different column numbers (details)
  8. revert again compile-only pragma message because compilers use different column numbers (details)
  9. Changed gitignore to not ignore automake missing (details)
  10. Added automake/missing to git directory (details)
  11. Andrew MMath: Responding to Peter's suggestions on the introduction. (details)
  12. proofread Andrew's thesis chapters (details)
  13. Configure now check for rseq.h and librseq. (details)
  14. second attempt to fix compile-only pragma message that gcc-10/11 quote (details)
  15. Andrew MMath: Added the beginnings of performance chapter. (details)
  16. Revert "proofread Andrew's thesis chapters", changes saved locally. (details)
  17. Preliminary ARM exception handling support (details)
  18. Andrew MMath: Folded in changes to existing. (1/3 from this review) (details)
  19. Testing out Jenkins not using master anymore (details)
  20. More jenkins changes to stop running on Jenkins Master (details)
  21. added benchmarks -> performance matrices of memeory allocator -> memory overhead (details)
  22. Trying new structure that uses fewer nodes. (details)
  23. Fix error in previous commit (details)
  24. wrap apparently needs to run in a node... for some reason (details)
  25. More work into not using master node (details)
  26. Jenkins email must run inside node (details)
  27. add ARM specific .expect file for test vector_math/vec2_ldouble (details)
  28. Simplified how jenkins produces the git message. (details)
  29. Andrew MMath: Addressed most of the changes in intro and worked on the new background section. (2/3 for this review.) (details)
  30. added benchmarks -> performance matrices of memeory allocator -> speed (details)
  31. add .expect/vec2_ldouble.x64.txt (details)
  32. add .expect/vec2_ldouble.x86.txt (details)
  33. formatting and indicate compiler bug (details)
  34. Whitespace clean-up (details)
  35. Added new device folder and cpu file to libcfa (details)
  36. Added bare-bones test for device cpu (details)
  37. coroutine fibonacci now uses return from resume (details)
  38. Added missing corctx_flag in assertion (details)
  39. Fixed email generation in Jenkins (details)
  40. Changed libcfa to use cpu/present instead of cpu/possible (details)
  41. Even more work on removing any possible integer overflow in fast lock test (details)
  42. proofread Andrew's implement, performance and future chapters (details)
  43. Added more debug to defice/cpu (details)
  44. Andrew MMath: Folded in features feedback and redid the reraise comparison. (3/3 for this group.) (details)
  45. Remove incorrect check (details)
  46. Fixed width sum check to actually sum. (details)
  47. Revert "proofread Andrew's implement, performance and future chapters", changes saved locally. (details)
  48. Added micro benchmark suite description (details)
  49. Changed libcfathread to consistently define _GNU_SOURCE (details)
  50. Started work on __kernel_getcpu (details)
  51. Commented out broken code (details)
  52. Workaround to get default exception handling on ARM working (details)
  53. Andrew MMath: Update the first three chapters using Colby's comments. (details)
  54. Andrew MMath: Folded in Peter's feedback on future. (4/6 files done.) (details)
  55. create stdhdr/pthread.h so #include pthread.h does not require extern "C" (details)
  56. Andrew MMath: Performance feedback is a bit stranger as the content is still unknown. (5/6 files done.) (details)
  57. Added attribute case to typedef replacement test. (details)
  58. Attributes are now correctly visited when replacing typedefs (details)
  59. added benchmark descriptions (details)
  60. make section .data attribute for global constructors architecture specific for ARM and x86/x64 (details)
  61. create .expect file for gmp test on ARM (details)
  62. change .expect file for array-md-sbscr-cases.txt to be architecture independent (details)
  63. simplify change for section .data attribute for global constructors (details)
  64. Implemented __kernel_getcpu from rseq and librseq. (details)
  65. Fixed typo in without rseq support. (details)
  66. Added a define switch for using cpu workstealing. (details)
  67. convert changes to latex and adjust macros slightly to build (details)
  68. revert .expect file for array-md-sbscr-cases.txt to be architecture dependent x64 (details)
  69. revert .expect file for array-md-sbscr-cases.txt to be architecture dependent arm64 (details)
  70. Cpu map now has aself pointer to figure out where between start and start + count each cpu belong. (details)
  71. Fix the cpu-based ready to actually use cpu_info (details)
  72. Fix incorrect change that disabled all lists (details)
  73. Implementing language-provided syntax for (array) dimensions. (details)
  74. add .expect file for array-md-sbscr-cases.txt to be architecture dependent x86 (details)
  75. lex gcc types _Decimal32/64/128 and return them as float/double/uuFLOAT128 (details)
  76. update literal test for floating and decimal floating suffix (details)
  77. remove decimal-floating constants from math test (details)
  78. add _DecimalXX to lexer/parser, but mark as unimplemented (details)
  79. Remove psutil from which doesn't seem needed (details)
  80. FullBuild now uses gcc-10 instead of gcc-5 and jenkins understands the existance of gcc-11 (details)
  81. Fixed rseq so it is initilizaed even for non-processor threads. (details)
  82. Minor documentation (details)
  83. Changed ready-queue to use -1 for empty ts. (details)
  84. Fixed warnings (details)
  85. Fixed cpu work stealing to properly fall back on other nodes. (details)
  86. Andrew MMath: Folded in feedback into the implement chapter. (6/6 files done.) (details)
  87. Andrew MMath: Some feedback for additions to implement went to features instead. (details)
  88. Minor ready-queue fixes (details)
  89. Implementing syntax forall( T * ) abbreviating forall( T & | sized(T) ) (details)
  90. Fixing compiler warnings with new arrays due to placeholder empty function bodies. (details)
  91. Implementing new-array subscripting syntax, in which a[x,y,z] now means the same as a[[x,y,z]]. (details)
  92. started chapter allocator (details)
  93. Forgot to add gcc-10/11 to jenkins options (details)
  94. Baseline "new" vector, with iterators. (details)
  95. update entries (details)
  96. Small corrections to INSTALL script (details)
  97. Fixed test suite to not crash when running on machines that don't have gdb. (details)
  98. update README and INSTALL files (details)
  99. add commented out parse rules for new ftype syntax (details)
  100. Fixed whitespace (details)
  101. disjoint test now aborts to allow inspecting core dump (details)
  102. fix wording problem (details)
  103. formatting, remove spurious semi-colon at end of vtable rule (details)
  104. Andrew MMath: Improvements to implement figures. (details)
  105. Added Martins SpinCondLock as linear_backoff_then_block lock (details)
  106. fixed bug with locks (details)
  107. fixed whitespace issue (details)
  108. First draft of all the exception benchmarks. There is an issue with the Cforall linking. (details)
  109. Fixed several warnings for clang@head (details)
  110. added test for thierry to look at (details)
  111. added martin lock and improvement (details)
  112. Added duration information (in nanoseconds) to EHM benchmarks. (details)
  113. Step 1 of changing $thread to thread$ (details)
  114. Step 2 of $thread to thread$ Missed some of the source (details)
  115. Step 3 Fixed tests (details)
  116. Last step tools and benchmark (details)
  117. Added a second argument to conditional catch benchmarks. Should the exception be caught. (details)
  118. Missed some benchmarks. (details)
  119. Conditional matching benchmarks renamed based on type of catch used (catch=recover). (details)
  120. Removd debug print failing the build (details)
  121. Added helper script for exception benchmarks. (details)
  122. Updated the Java exception benchmarks to provide some warm-up. Does not appear to change results. (details)
  123. Cforall exception benchmarks now use a more high resolution clock. (details)
  124. Added first attempt at processing array (details)
  125. Added allocator design objectives (details)
  126. removed print and deleted equal operator for lock (details)
  127. refactored mutex testing and added lin backoff lock (details)
  128. fixed incorrect copy ctor (details)
  129. added more testing to thread_test (details)
  130. Added a way to call the exception benchmark script so it is compatable with (details)
  131. Could not get working with the exception benchmark, but I got one improvement along the way. (details)
  132. added dependency for mutex test (details)
  133. GenPoly field-number selection for dynamic layouts uses uniqueId to match anonymous fields, rather than accepting first name match. [[fixed #253]] (details)
  134. Quickly added VTableType node to the old ast. (details)
  135. Implemented old ast boiler-plate for vtabletype. (details)
  136. Added VTableType to the new ast. (details)
  137. New-AST boilerplate for vtable (details)
  138. Fix CodeLocation boiler-plate for vtable (details)
  139. Added VTableType to the conversion passes. (details)
  140. fix mutex_test to not user $thread (details)
  141. update parser for vtable declarations (details)
  142. formatting (details)
  143. formatting, add short form for -XCFA options (details)
  144. formatting (details)
  145. Added Python versions of the exception benchmarks. (details)
  146. Fixed an error in exception benchmarks. C++ conditional catch was reversed. (details)
  147. Some resumption benchmarks were actually testing termination. (details)
  148. Andrew MMath: Updated the introduction/background section. (details)
  149. fixed wait counter (details)
  150. made spacing consistent (details)
  151. Translate exception declarations (details)
  152. Add a switch to print AST after exdecl pass (details)
  153. Fixing polymorphism test from failing the build on x86 (details)
  154. Added the new routines in C and CFA allocator interface (details)
  155. Added asm statements to the exception benchmarks to prevent unwanted optimizations. (details)
  156. first draft of math trait (details)
  157. remove reference from builtin ++?. ?++, --?, ?--, ! (details)
  158. formatting, use new math trait in rational numbers (details)
  159. augment rational test and expected output after rational changes (details)
  160. Added the CFA alloc interface (details)
  161. replace fstream macro EHM_EXCEPTION(Open_Failure) with new exception Open_Failure (details)
  162. update existing counter test to use new +=/-= prototype (details)
  163. update existing counter test .expect file (details)
  164. change typedef_name to type_name for non-terminal vtable (details)
  165. update usage message for cc1 (details)
  166. add comment stating assignment expression returns an rvalue for builtin ++?. ?++, --?, ?-- (details)
  167. Andrew MMath: A bit more work on the performance chapter before I stick in the results. (details)
  168. The exception benchmark can now also extract results from files. (details)
  169. Translate virtual table declarations (details)
  170. Added layout for performance chapter (details)
  171. replace fstream macro EHM_VIRTUAL_TABLE with new vtable declaration (details)
  172. Changed how the cross exception benchmarks prevent optimization. Hopefully this will work on more platforms. (details)
  173. Translate forall variants of exception/vtable decls (details)

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