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  1. removed print and deleted equal operator for lock (details)
  2. refactored mutex testing and added lin backoff lock (details)
  3. fixed incorrect copy ctor (details)
  4. added more testing to thread_test (details)
  5. Added a way to call the exception benchmark script so it is compatable with (details)
  6. Could not get working with the exception benchmark, but I got one improvement along the way. (details)
  7. added dependency for mutex test (details)
  8. GenPoly field-number selection for dynamic layouts uses uniqueId to match anonymous fields, rather than accepting first name match. [[fixed #253]] (details)
  9. Quickly added VTableType node to the old ast. (details)
  10. Implemented old ast boiler-plate for vtabletype. (details)
  11. Added VTableType to the new ast. (details)
  12. New-AST boilerplate for vtable (details)
  13. Fix CodeLocation boiler-plate for vtable (details)
  14. Added VTableType to the conversion passes. (details)
  15. fix mutex_test to not user $thread (details)
  16. update parser for vtable declarations (details)
  17. formatting (details)
  18. formatting, add short form for -XCFA options (details)
  19. formatting (details)
  20. Added Python versions of the exception benchmarks. (details)
  21. Fixed an error in exception benchmarks. C++ conditional catch was reversed. (details)
  22. Some resumption benchmarks were actually testing termination. (details)
  23. Andrew MMath: Updated the introduction/background section. (details)
  24. fixed wait counter (details)
  25. made spacing consistent (details)
  26. Translate exception declarations (details)
  27. Add a switch to print AST after exdecl pass (details)
  28. Fixing polymorphism test from failing the build on x86 (details)
  29. Added the new routines in C and CFA allocator interface (details)
  30. Added asm statements to the exception benchmarks to prevent unwanted optimizations. (details)
  31. first draft of math trait (details)
  32. remove reference from builtin ++?. ?++, --?, ?--, ! (details)
  33. formatting, use new math trait in rational numbers (details)
  34. augment rational test and expected output after rational changes (details)
  35. Added the CFA alloc interface (details)
  36. replace fstream macro EHM_EXCEPTION(Open_Failure) with new exception Open_Failure (details)
  37. update existing counter test to use new +=/-= prototype (details)
  38. update existing counter test .expect file (details)
  39. change typedef_name to type_name for non-terminal vtable (details)
  40. update usage message for cc1 (details)
  41. add comment stating assignment expression returns an rvalue for builtin ++?. ?++, --?, ?-- (details)
  42. Andrew MMath: A bit more work on the performance chapter before I stick in the results. (details)
  43. The exception benchmark can now also extract results from files. (details)

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