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  1. added test for thierry to look at (details)
  2. added martin lock and improvement (details)
  3. Added duration information (in nanoseconds) to EHM benchmarks. (details)
  4. Step 1 of changing $thread to thread$ (details)
  5. Step 2 of $thread to thread$ Missed some of the source (details)
  6. Step 3 Fixed tests (details)
  7. Last step tools and benchmark (details)
  8. Added a second argument to conditional catch benchmarks. Should the exception be caught. (details)
  9. Missed some benchmarks. (details)
  10. Conditional matching benchmarks renamed based on type of catch used (catch=recover). (details)
  11. Removd debug print failing the build (details)
  12. Added helper script for exception benchmarks. (details)

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