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  1. Revert "proofread Andrew's thesis chapters", changes saved locally. (details)
  2. Andrew MMath: Folded in changes to existing. (1/3 from this review) (details)
  3. Andrew MMath: Addressed most of the changes in intro and worked on the new background section. (2/3 for this review.) (details)
  4. Andrew MMath: Folded in features feedback and redid the reraise comparison. (3/3 for this group.) (details)
  5. Revert "proofread Andrew's implement, performance and future chapters", changes saved locally. (details)
  6. Andrew MMath: Update the first three chapters using Colby's comments. (details)
  7. Andrew MMath: Folded in Peter's feedback on future. (4/6 files done.) (details)
  8. Andrew MMath: Performance feedback is a bit stranger as the content is still unknown. (5/6 files done.) (details)
  9. add _DecimalXX to lexer/parser, but mark as unimplemented (details)
  10. Remove psutil from which doesn't seem needed (details)
  11. FullBuild now uses gcc-10 instead of gcc-5 and jenkins understands the existance of gcc-11 (details)
  12. Fixed rseq so it is initilizaed even for non-processor threads. (details)
  13. Minor documentation (details)
  14. Changed ready-queue to use -1 for empty ts. (details)
  15. Fixed warnings (details)
  16. Fixed cpu work stealing to properly fall back on other nodes. (details)
  17. Andrew MMath: Folded in feedback into the implement chapter. (6/6 files done.) (details)
  18. Andrew MMath: Some feedback for additions to implement went to features instead. (details)
  19. Minor ready-queue fixes (details)
  20. Implementing syntax forall( T * ) abbreviating forall( T & | sized(T) ) (details)
  21. Fixing compiler warnings with new arrays due to placeholder empty function bodies. (details)
  22. Implementing new-array subscripting syntax, in which a[x,y,z] now means the same as a[[x,y,z]]. (details)
  23. started chapter allocator (details)
  24. Forgot to add gcc-10/11 to jenkins options (details)
  25. Baseline "new" vector, with iterators. (details)

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