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  1. Whitespace clean-up (details)
  2. Added new device folder and cpu file to libcfa (details)
  3. Added bare-bones test for device cpu (details)
  4. coroutine fibonacci now uses return from resume (details)
  5. Added missing corctx_flag in assertion (details)
  6. Fixed email generation in Jenkins (details)
  7. Changed libcfa to use cpu/present instead of cpu/possible (details)
  8. Even more work on removing any possible integer overflow in fast lock test (details)
  9. proofread Andrew's implement, performance and future chapters (details)
  10. Added more debug to defice/cpu (details)
  11. Remove incorrect check (details)
  12. Fixed width sum check to actually sum. (details)
  13. Added micro benchmark suite description (details)
  14. Changed libcfathread to consistently define _GNU_SOURCE (details)
  15. Started work on __kernel_getcpu (details)
  16. Commented out broken code (details)

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