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  1. Andrew MMath: Converted all the ASCII diagrams to xfig diagrams. (details)
  2. Andrew MMath: Handled some too long lines caused by code snipits. Added a new command: \snake. (details)
  3. removed semaphore usage and used a lock when checking if empty (details)
  4. Added input script for setting up archive debugging. (details)
  5. Jenkins now generates a script when archiving test failures. (details)
  6. Build description now cotains node name (details)
  7. Fix error archival to match's expectation (details)
  8. alarm.hfa is now a public header (details)
  9. Tentative fix to make it more robust (details)
  10. Don't archive librairies if no test crashed. (details)
  11. Andrew MMath: Rewrote the existing features/references piece. (details)
  12. Tentative fix to make more robust (details)
  13. Fixed how names com files. (details)
  14. Full build no longer builds the old ast (details)
  15. Fixed typo in jenkins file (details)

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