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#5 Undeclared variable with MRV/tuple function composition assigned Rob Schluntz minor cfa-cc 1.0
#7 CFA Assertion Error: CodeGenerator visits TypeExpr in trait/genaric type new minor cfa-cc 1.0
#8 No reasonable alternative new major cfa-cc 1.0
#10 Inner generic types assigned Rob Schluntz major cfa-cc 1.0
#11 Compiler uses all Resources when Copying from Generic Function Result new minor cfa-cc 1.0
#20 zero_t doesn't work well with default arguments new minor cfa-cc 1.0
#21 Destructors do not run on Stack Unwinding new minor cfa-cc 1.0
#22 Basic types in forall/trait allowed new major cfa-cc 1.0
#25 Problem with opaque type definition. new major cfa-cc 1.0
#26 Implicit conversion from zero_t do not work. new major cfa-cc 1.0
#34 Incorrect Support for Two Argument ?: Operator new minor cfa-cc 1.0
#44 zero_t causes warnings because it always codgens as long int new minor cfa-cc 1.0
#46 Enum constants are lvalues assigned Rob Schluntz minor cfa-cc 1.0
#50 Assertion failure with tuple constructor-expressions assigned Rob Schluntz major cfa-cc 1.0
#57 UniqueExprs with same ID are resolved independently assigned Rob Schluntz minor cfa-cc 1.0
#66 Function and variable name collision for if new major cfa-cc 1.0
#70 resolver problesm assigned Rob minor cfa-cc 1.0
#73 Infinite loop with generics and new assigned Rob Schluntz major cfa-cc 1.0
#81 Resolution Failure on Pass-by-value new major cfa-cc 1.0
#82 Wrong Overload Chosen assigned a3moss minor cfa-cc 1.0
#85 character types new minor cfa-cc 1.0
#87 Inconsistent Assertion Ordering new minor cfa-cc 1.0
#88 Arrays of references new minor cfa-cc 1.0
#91 Assignment to bool, not a boolean context new minor cfa-cc 1.0
#92 Field with deleted copy constructors don't work new major cfa-cc 1.0
#93 New builtin types _FloatN and _FloatNx new minor cfa-cc 1.0
#95 Incorrect consideration of global and local variables in resolving waitfor mutex object. assigned major cfa-cc 1.0
#104 Tuple assertion generate bad C code new major cfa-cc 1.0
#105 Compiler crash deleted expression new major cfa-cc 1.0
#107 tuple depth problem assigned minor cfa-cc 1.0
#108 tuple overloading problem new minor cfa-cc 1.0
#113 void & type new minor cfa-cc 1.0
#115 No zero_t constructor for int new minor cfa-cc 1.0
#117 Rational constructor from 0 is declared but undefined new trivial libcfa 1.0
#120 dtype problem new major cfa-cc 1.0
#121 Comparison failure new major cfa-cc 1.0
#122 Reference assignment new major cfa-cc 1.0
#126 Pointer assignment with incorrect type not correctly rejected new major cfa-cc 1.0
#129 Infinite Recursion in TypeSubstitution::Substituter::postmutate new minor cfa-cc 1.0
#130 Flexible array member of struct crashes CFA compiler when element type is generic new minor cfa-cc 1.0
#138 Reference parameter in constructor with "new" initialization new minor cfa-cc 1.0
#140 conditional expression bad code generation new critical cfa-cc 1.0
#141 conditional expression warning new minor cfa-cc 1.0
#142 constant expression problem new major cfa-cc 1.0
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