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#166 Cannot get reference to generic member of generic struct assigned mlbrooks defect major cfa-cc
#168 Plan-9 inheritance is not considered for satisfying a trait's assertion new defect major cfa-cc
#186 Cannot add extra assertion on a constructor new defect major cfa-cc
#215 Cannot declare object whose size takes multiple steps of dynamic calculation new defect major cfa-cc
#220 Reference to Array of Generics does not work new defect major cfa-cc
#225 Wrong disambiguation for call overloaded on bare type-variable vs generic new defect major cfa-cc
#226 Resolver is slow at finding constructors for 3+ dimensional arrays new defect major cfa-cc
#259 Compiler crash on large recursive assertion requests new defect major cfa-cc
#265 Compilation failure passing zero_t through assertions new defect major cfa-cc
#269 Wrong type for generics' implicit _sizeof params on 32-bit new defect major cfa-cc
#272 Compiler crash when referencing generic member of generic struct new defect major cfa-cc
#130 Flexible array member of struct crashes CFA compiler when element type is generic new defect minor cfa-cc
#147 Can't initialize const member of struct new defect minor cfa-cc
#175 Instantiated generic struct layout is reused across different instantiating array sizes new defect minor cfa-cc
#184 Struct in forall cannot have member named same as an assertion new defect minor cfa-cc
#185 Cannot declare generic struct with zero type parameters new defect minor cfa-cc
#207 Safe const variations are not considered for assertion satisfaction new enhancement minor cfa-cc
#208 Zero-pointer literal does not work as an argument for a const parameter new defect minor cfa-cc
#209 Mutable reference to constant is not forbidden new defect minor cfa-cc
#210 Should string literals be const, like in C++? new enhancement minor cfa-cc
#213 Cannot assign static-length array to VLA new defect minor cfa-cc
#244 Cannot construct a struct with a volatile array member new defect minor cfa-cc
#245 Reference-to-reference misses required implicit dereference new defect minor cfa-cc
#247 Wrong result type for sizeof(-) new defect minor cfa-cc
#257 Pointer arithmetic silently adds narrowing conversions new defect minor cfa-cc
#258 Unclear intended type for char literal new defect minor cfa-cc
#264 Can't compile direct call of a function pointer that's a member of a struct returned by reference new defect minor cfa-cc
#271 Compiler crash on valid typename--identifier pun new defect minor cfa-cc
#273 Comma expression wrecks typechecking for address of array element new defect minor cfa-cc
#275 Array length accepts implicit conversion from non-int new defect minor cfa-cc
#284 Cannot have multiple forward declarations of a polymorphic type new defect minor cfa-cc
#234 Resolver allows assignment to declared function new defect trivial cfa-cc
#276 Cannot give outermost array-param's length from earlier param new defect trivial cfa-cc
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