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(edit) @fd54fef   11 months mlbrooks Converting the project to use the new syntax for otype, dtype and … arm-ehjacob/cs343-translationnew-ast-unique-expr
(edit) @94429f8   13 months pabuhr formatting, simplify "free" with multiple arguments, make "delete" inline arm-ehjacob/cs343-translationnew-ast-unique-expr
(edit) @45444c3   13 months m3zulfiq Removed dimension parameter from adelete. arm-ehjacob/cs343-translationnew-ast-unique-expr
(edit) @e310238   17 months pabuhr move alloc routine into stdlib.hfa to access _Alignof at call site arm-ehjacob/cs343-translationnew-astnew-ast-unique-expr
(edit) @aabb846   18 months ajbeach Added a first draft of the memory management library module. arm-ehjacob/cs343-translationnew-astnew-ast-unique-expr
(edit) @4e7c0fc0   18 months pabuhr comment random function about returning int, and reduce includes for … arm-ehjacob/cs343-translationnew-astnew-ast-unique-expr
(edit) @76e2113   20 months pabuhr add setter routines for sticky operations, add allocation size to header arm-ehjacob/cs343-translationnew-astnew-ast-unique-expr
(edit) @cfbc703   20 months pabuhr add resize and more "alloc" routines arm-ehjacob/cs343-translationnew-astnew-ast-unique-expr
(edit) @e3fea42   22 months pabuhr change "const char *" to "const char []" arm-ehjacob/cs343-translationjenkins-sandboxnew-astnew-ast-unique-expr
(edit) @d74369b   2 years pabuhr update CFA allocation routines with realloc and alignment arm-ehjacob/cs343-translationjenkins-sandboxnew-astnew-ast-unique-expr
(edit) @89124ff   2 years pabuhr add extra alignment check and missing frees arm-ehjacob/cs343-translationjenkins-sandboxnew-astnew-ast-unique-expr
(edit) @cafb687   2 years pabuhr start allocation updates for arrays and alignment arm-ehjacob/cs343-translationjenkins-sandboxnew-astnew-ast-unique-expr
(edit) @2026bb6   2 years Thierry Delisle More robust fix for optionally linking threads arm-ehjacob/cs343-translationjenkins-sandboxnew-astnew-ast-unique-expr
(edit) @6887a99   2 years pabuhr formatting arm-ehjacob/cs343-translationjenkins-sandboxnew-astnew-ast-unique-expr
(edit) @58b6d1b   3 years Thierry Delisle Fixed tests after headers change aaron-thesisarm-ehcleanup-dtorsdeferred_resndemanglerjacob/cs343-translationjenkins-sandboxnew-astnew-ast-unique-exprno_listpersistent-indexer
(add) @ba9baad   3 years Thierry Delisle Simplified some of the handling by converting libcfa sources from .c … aaron-thesisarm-ehcleanup-dtorsdeferred_resndemanglerjacob/cs343-translationjenkins-sandboxnew-astnew-ast-unique-exprno_listpersistent-indexer
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