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(edit) @804c0ff   11 months Thierry Delisle Simplified abort handling in the case of concurrent abort. I used to … arm-ehjacob/cs343-translationnew-ast-unique-expr
(edit) @6011658   12 months Thierry Delisle Fixed abort to no longer deadlock when calling itself recursively. … arm-ehjacob/cs343-translationnew-ast-unique-expr
(edit) @851fd92   20 months ajbeach The requested addition of groups to debug printing. Tested in exception.c. arm-ehjacob/cs343-translationnew-astnew-ast-unique-expr
(edit) @6791213   21 months pabuhr fix abort to add newline if abort message does not end with one arm-ehjacob/cs343-translationnew-astnew-ast-unique-expr
(edit) @d870df3   22 months pabuhr fix abort problem where va_list was forwarded incorrectly arm-ehjacob/cs343-translationjenkins-sandboxnew-astnew-ast-unique-expr
(edit) @5ccee64   22 months pabuhr change backtrace starting point from level 3 to level 2 arm-ehjacob/cs343-translationjenkins-sandboxnew-astnew-ast-unique-expr
(edit) @74330e7   22 months pabuhr formatting, add floating-point signal handler to cpp-cc to catch … arm-ehjacob/cs343-translationjenkins-sandboxnew-astnew-ast-unique-expr
(edit) @1d94116   22 months pabuhr do not allow a NULL printf-format to abort arm-ehjacob/cs343-translationjenkins-sandboxnew-astnew-ast-unique-expr
(edit) @8a13c47   23 months pabuhr restructure errors invoking signal handlers and handled by abort arm-ehjacob/cs343-translationjenkins-sandboxnew-astnew-ast-unique-expr
(edit) @1469a8a   2 years pabuhr differentiate between null-pointer dereference and bad-pointer … arm-ehjacob/cs343-translationjenkins-sandboxnew-astnew-ast-unique-expr
(edit) @524627e   2 years pabuhr change NULL to 0pt arm-ehjacob/cs343-translationjenkins-sandboxnew-astnew-ast-unique-expr
(edit) @1c40091   2 years pabuhr rename cfaabi_dbg_bits_* to cfaabi_bits_*, add fd parameter to … arm-ehjacob/cs343-translationjenkins-sandboxnew-astnew-ast-unique-expr
(edit) @4f37255   2 years pabuhr formatting arm-ehjacob/cs343-translationjenkins-sandboxnew-astnew-ast-unique-expr
(edit) @58b6d1b   3 years Thierry Delisle Fixed tests after headers change aaron-thesisarm-ehcleanup-dtorsdeferred_resndemanglerjacob/cs343-translationjenkins-sandboxnew-astnew-ast-unique-exprno_listpersistent-indexer
(edit) @73abe95   3 years Thierry Delisle Replace extension-less headers with .hfa aaron-thesisarm-ehcleanup-dtorsdeferred_resndemanglerjacob/cs343-translationjenkins-sandboxnew-astnew-ast-unique-exprno_listpersistent-indexer
(add) @ba9baad   3 years Thierry Delisle Simplified some of the handling by converting libcfa sources from .c … aaron-thesisarm-ehcleanup-dtorsdeferred_resndemanglerjacob/cs343-translationjenkins-sandboxnew-astnew-ast-unique-exprno_listpersistent-indexer
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