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(edit) @c1076a2f   13 months pabuhr remove preprocessor comment arm-ehjacob/cs343-translationnew-ast-unique-expr
(edit) @98cf828   15 months pabuhr update ARM architecture code arm-ehjacob/cs343-translationnew-ast-unique-expr
(edit) @d685cb0   16 months pabuhr add ARM equivalent for x86 rdtsc arm-ehjacob/cs343-translationnew-ast-unique-expr
(edit) @e660761   17 months Thierry Delisle First attempt at reducing complation time by restructuring the code. … arm-ehjacob/cs343-translationnew-astnew-ast-unique-expr
(edit) @b7d6a36   22 months Thierry Delisle Merge branch 'master' into relaxed_ready arm-ehjacob/cs343-translationnew-astnew-ast-unique-expr
(edit) @8a13c47   23 months pabuhr restructure errors invoking signal handlers and handled by abort arm-ehjacob/cs343-translationjenkins-sandboxnew-astnew-ast-unique-expr
(edit) @dca5802   23 months Thierry Delisle Started doing some of the x86 implementations and some changes after a … arm-ehjacob/cs343-translationnew-astnew-ast-unique-expr
(edit) @b798713   2 years Thierry Delisle Working ready queue arm-ehjacob/cs343-translationnew-astnew-ast-unique-expr
(edit) @7768b8d   2 years Thierry Delisle First step at adding the new ready queue to Cforall arm-ehjacob/cs343-translationnew-astnew-ast-unique-expr
(edit) @21184e3   2 years Thierry Delisle Added Thread-Local random number generator to kernel which will be … arm-ehjacob/cs343-translationjenkins-sandboxnew-astnew-ast-unique-expr
(edit) @2026bb6   2 years Thierry Delisle More robust fix for optionally linking threads arm-ehjacob/cs343-translationjenkins-sandboxnew-astnew-ast-unique-expr
(add) @73abe95   3 years Thierry Delisle Replace extension-less headers with .hfa aaron-thesisarm-ehcleanup-dtorsdeferred_resndemanglerjacob/cs343-translationjenkins-sandboxnew-astnew-ast-unique-exprno_listpersistent-indexer
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