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(edit) @6e1e2d0   13 months caparson resolved merge conflicts ADTast-experimental
(edit) @2b01f8e   14 months mlbrooks Adjust LL perf to use a random layout of nodes in memory ADTast-experimental
(edit) @e9ed2a1   14 months mlbrooks Run LL perf with more stable compile flags and run context. ADTast-experimental
(edit) @9bb8ee42   14 months mlbrooks Extend LL perf experiment to run on many dataset sizes. ADTast-experimental
(edit) @ff71057   14 months mlbrooks Apply volatile variable frequency reduction (of fa6ca1ac779b4) to … ADTast-experimental
(edit) @fdc042d   14 months mlbrooks Fix Makefile noise on LL perf rebuild. ADTast-experimental
(edit) @b0be909f   14 months mlbrooks Remove mistakenly committed diagnostic output from LL prf. ADTast-experimental
(edit) @1dfc3d0   14 months mlbrooks Tweak LL perf compilation--CLI to support a fixed-work mode that does … ADTast-experimental
(edit) @fa6ca1a   14 months mlbrooks LL perf: reduce frequency of using volatile variables. Significantly … ADTast-experimental
(edit) @90a3a89   14 months mlbrooks LL perf: Add comments for rerunning tests ADTast-experimental
(edit) @f3ba69d   14 months mlbrooks LL perf: Upgrade the results' dataset to have more runs of longer … ADTast-experimental
(edit) @0b66ef9   14 months mlbrooks Add linked list performance experiment ADTast-experimental
(edit) @5d9c4bb   14 months pabuhr proofread Mike's list chapter ADTast-experimental
(edit) @5717495   15 months mlbrooks Start of the linked-list chapter. ADTast-experimental
(edit) @a5e2682   19 months mlbrooks Improve new-array subscripting to cover missing cases. Missing cases … ADTast-experimental
(edit) @6bf35d1   22 months pabuhr fix typo that prevented make ADTast-experimentalpthread-emulationqualifiedEnum
(edit) @8d76f2b   2 years mlbrooks Adding runtime bound checking for array subscripts and showing the … ADTast-experimentalenumpthread-emulationqualifiedEnum
(edit) @a08443b   2 years mlbrooks Thesis clean-up from last reorganization ADTast-experimentalenumpthread-emulationqualifiedEnum
(edit) @1a9592a   2 years mlbrooks Accepting the new structure, deleting the old ADTast-experimentalenumpthread-emulationqualifiedEnum
(edit) @37e9c1d   2 years pabuhr harmonize latex macros and Makefiles, small wording correction ADTast-experimentalenumpthread-emulationqualifiedEnum
(edit) @27f1055   2 years pabuhr add empty intro, background, and conclusion chapters ADTast-experimentalenumpthread-emulationqualifiedEnum
(edit) @5a9bc1e   2 years pabuhr add test citation ADTast-experimentalenumpthread-emulationqualifiedEnum
(edit) @bdb4c3c   2 years pabuhr add \usepackage[T1]{fontenc} for printing special characters ADTast-experimentalenumpthread-emulationqualifiedEnum
(edit) @bbf6a180   2 years pabuhr change to uw-ethesis and restructure source ADTast-experimentalenumpthread-emulationqualifiedEnum
(edit) @12048a1   2 years mlbrooks Simplifying the substring-aliasing demo's code-gen ADTast-experimentalenumpthread-emulationqualifiedEnum
(add) @8e819a9   2 years mlbrooks Mike MMath initial ADTast-experimentalenumpthread-emulationqualifiedEnum
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