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    3737resumption exceptions. Even the older programming languages with resumption
    3838seem to be notable only for having resumption.
     39On the other hand, the functional equivalents to resumption are too new.
     40There does not seem to be any standard implementations in well-known
     41languages; so far, they seem confined to extensions and research languages.
     42% There was some maybe interesting comparison to an OCaml extension
     43% but I'm not sure how to get that working if it is interesting.
    3944Instead, resumption is compared to its simulation in other programming
    4045languages: fixup functions that are explicitly passed into a function.
    312317\CFA, \Cpp and Java.
    313318% To be exact, the Match All and Match None cases.
    314 The most likely explination is that,
     319The most likely explanation is that
    315320the generally faster languages have made ``common cases fast" at the expense
    316321of the rarer cases. Since exceptions are considered rare, they are made
    317322expensive to help speed up common actions, such as entering and leaving try
    319 Python on the other hand, while generally slower than the other languages,
    320 uses exceptions more and has not scarified their performance.
     324Python, on the other hand, while generally slower than the other languages,
     325uses exceptions more and has not sacrificed their performance.
    321326In addition, languages with high-level representations have a much
    322327easier time scanning the stack as there is less to decode.
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