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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
benchmark 1d6ff91   19 months Thierry Delisle Fixed compile benchmark after renaming changes
doc 67c6a47   19 months pabuhr proofread Andrew's thesis chapter existing.tex
driver e35a32b   21 months pabuhr global add -Wno-strict-aliasing to cfa command to prevent warnings for …
example 376946e   20 months Thierry Delisle Added io example for using non-blocking ttys. (Won't work without io_uring)
Jenkins 9eb7a53   19 months Thierry Delisle Add random delay to bull build to distribute the start
libcfa a5040fe   19 months Thierry Delisle Fixed splice declaration to match the real declaration rather than the …
longrun_tests ffd5948   22 months caparson added full length lock test
src 77d601f   19 months pabuhr dump core for cfa-cpp bad_alloc exception
tests c8e37e0   19 months pabuhr more test restructure under directories
tools 5669d0b   20 months pabuhr change MAINTAINERCLEANFILES to MOSTLYCLEANFILES in makefile
.autom4te.cfg 290 bytes d817f5a   4 years Thierry Delisle Added config files to move autom4te cache out of root folder
.gitignore 1.3 KB dfbfcf1   20 months pabuhr git ignore file benchmark/Cargo.toml 626 bytes f575124   2 years Thierry Delisle Added script to setup automake before running configure 10.2 KB 49ce636   22 months Thierry Delisle Added Rust cargo file to simplify generation of rust benchmarks
INSTALL 1002 bytes ca0f5e34   4 years Thierry Delisle Update install file
Jenkinsfile 14.8 KB abc2a643   21 months Thierry Delisle Can't even use Java
LICENSE 1.5 KB c11e31c   7 years pabuhr add inline and attribute qualifiers, cfa.y comment formatting, fix … 2.3 KB 5992ff4   22 months Thierry Delisle Tentative fix to last commit
README 4.9 KB da60c631   4 years Thierry Delisle Fixed various urls after https migration
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