source: tests/zombies/gc_no_raii/bug-repro/deref.c

Last change on this file was fd54fef, checked in by Michael Brooks <mlbrooks@…>, 12 months ago

Converting the project to use the new syntax for otype, dtype and ttytpe.

Changed prelude (gen), libcfa and test suite to use it. Added a simple deprecation rule of the old syntax to the parser; we might wish to support both syntaxes "officially," like with an extra CLI switch, but this measure should serve as a simple reminder for our team to try the new syntax.

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File size: 294 bytes
[fd54fef]1    forall(T)
[273080f]2    struct wrap
3    {
4        T val;
5    };
[fd54fef]7    forall(T)
[273080f]8    T *? (wrap(T) rhs)
9    {
10        return rhs.val;
11    }
13    int main(int argc, char const *argv[])
14    {
15        wrap(int) test;
16        test.val = 3;
17        int i = *test;
18        return 0;
19    }
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