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Last change on this file since f1b6671 was f1b6671, checked in by Andrew Beach <ajbeach@…>, 4 years ago

Unwinding is now handled in exception handling code. That is used to fix one bug, other exception tests added. Noise from the change altered one other test.

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[6d43cdde]1simple throw
2simple catch
3Exiting: simple catch clause
4end of try clause
5Exiting: simple try clause
7throwing child exception
8inner parent match
10caught yin as yin
12rethrow inner try
13caught throw, will rethrow
14Exiting: rethrowing catch clause
15caught rethrow
16Exiting: rethrow catch clause
17Exiting: rethrow inner try
19caught yin, will throw yang
20caught yang
22throwing first exception
23caught first exception
24throwing second exception
25caught second exception
26recaught first exception
28inner catch
29inner catch
30outer catch
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