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2// Cforall Version 1.0.0 Copyright (C) 2016 University of Waterloo
4// The contents of this file are covered under the licence agreement in the
5// file "LICENCE" distributed with Cforall.
[dc8511c]7// --
9// Author           : Peter A. Buhr
10// Created On       : Wed Aug 17 08:23:43 2016
11// Last Modified By : Peter A. Buhr
[dc8511c]12// Last Modified On : Tue Nov  6 17:52:47 2018
13// Update Count     : 32
[7d05e7e]16static short int volatile static const x1;                              // duplicate static
17extern short int static volatile const x2;                              // multiple extern & static
18extern short int auto static volatile static extern const x3; // duplicate and multiple storage classes
19struct { int i; } const static volatile static x4;              // duplicate static
20struct { int i; } const static volatile const static volatile x5; // duplicate static & const & volatile
[62edde5]21typedef int Int;
[7d05e7e]22static Int volatile static const x6;                                    // duplicate static
[5ead9f9]24const static inline const volatile int f01();                   // duplicate const
25volatile inline const volatile static int f02();                // duplicate volatile
26const inline const volatile int static f03();                   // duplicate const
27volatile inline static const volatile int f04();                // duplicate volatile
[7d05e7e]28const static int const inline volatile f05();                   // duplicate const
29volatile int static const volatile inline f06();                // duplicate volatile
30const static const int volatile inline f07();                   // duplicate const
31volatile static const int inline const volatile f08();  // duplicate volatile
[7d05e7e]33volatile static const int inline const volatile f09();  // duplicate volatile
34_Atomic _Atomic _Atomic volatile restrict static const const int inline restrict const volatile f09();  // duplicate volatile
[62edde5]36//Dummy main
37int main(int argc, char const *argv[])
39        return 0;
42// Local Variables: //
43// tab-width: 4 //
[dc8511c]44// compile-command: "cfa" //
[5ead9f9]45// End: //
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