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2// Cforall Version 1.0.0 Copyright (C) 2016 University of Waterloo
4// The contents of this file are covered under the licence agreement in the
5// file "LICENCE" distributed with Cforall.
7// --
9// Author           : Peter A. Buhr
10// Created On       : Wed Aug 17 08:21:04 2016
11// Last Modified By : Peter A. Buhr
12// Last Modified On : Tue Nov  6 17:52:59 2018
13// Update Count     : 3
16typedef short int Int;
18const short int volatile x1;
19static const short int volatile x2;
20const static short int volatile x3;
21const static volatile short int x4;
22const short int static volatile x5;
23const short int volatile static x6;
24const short volatile int static x7;
25short int volatile static const x8;
27const volatile struct { int i; } x10;
28const struct { int i; } volatile x11;
29struct { int i; } const volatile x12;
30static const volatile struct { int i; } x13;
31const static struct { int i; } volatile x14;
32struct { int i; } static const volatile x15;
33struct { int i; } const static volatile x16;
34struct { int i; } const volatile static x17;
36const Int volatile x20;
37static const Int volatile x21;
38const static Int volatile x22;
39const static Int volatile x23;
40const Int static volatile x24;
41const Int volatile static x25;
42const volatile Int static x26;
43Int volatile static const x27;
45const volatile struct { Int i; } x29;
46const struct { Int i; } volatile x30;
47struct { Int i; } const volatile x31;
48static const volatile struct { Int i; } x32;
49const static struct { Int i; } volatile x33;
50struct { Int i; } static const volatile x34;
51struct { Int i; } const static volatile x35;
52struct { Int i; } const volatile static x36;
54static inline const volatile int f11();
55inline const volatile static int f12();
56inline const volatile int static f13();
57inline static const volatile int f14();
58static const inline volatile int f15();
59static const volatile inline int f16();
60static const volatile int inline f17();
61static const int inline volatile f18();
63short static inline const volatile int f21();
64inline short const volatile static int f22();
65inline const short volatile int static f23();
66inline static const short volatile int f24();
67static const inline volatile short int f25();
68static const volatile inline int short f26();
69static const volatile int inline short f27();
70static const int inline volatile short f28();
72static inline const volatile struct { int i; } f31();
73inline const volatile static struct { int i; } f32();
74inline const volatile struct { int i; } static f33();
75inline static const volatile struct { int i; } f34();
76static const inline volatile struct { int i; } f35();
77static const volatile inline struct { int i; } f36();
78static const volatile struct { int i; } inline f37();
79static const struct { int i; } inline volatile f38();
81static inline const volatile Int f41();
82inline const volatile static Int f42();
83inline const volatile Int static f43();
84inline static const volatile Int f44();
85static const inline volatile Int f45();
86static const volatile inline Int f46();
87static const volatile Int inline f47();
88static const Int inline volatile f48();
90//Dummy main
91int main(int argc, char const *argv[])
93        return 0;
96// Local Variables: //
97// tab-width: 4 //
98// compile-command: "cfa" //
99// End: //
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