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1StopCost                                1       # amount to charge per train stop
2NumStudents                             2       # number of students to create
3NumStops                                2       # number of train stops; minimum of 2
4MaxNumStudents                  5       # maximum students each train can carry
5TimerDelay                              2       # length of time between each tick of the timer
6# Going to add a comment here
7MaxStudentDelay                 10      # maximum random student delay between trips
8MaxStudentTrips                 3       # maximum number of train trips each student takes
9GroupoffDelay                   10      # length of time between initializing gift cards
10ConductorDelay                  5       # length of time between checking on passenger POPs
11ParentalDelay                   5       # length of time between cash deposits
12NumCouriers                             1       # number of WATCard office couriers in the pool
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