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Moved parseconfigs tests to its own folder so I can add parseargs to the same folder.

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1Different types of destination addresses
2Stop cost: 1
3Number of students: 2
4Number of stops: 2
5Maximum number of students: 5
6Timer delay: 2
7Groupoff delay: 10
8Conductor delay: 5
9Parental delay: 5
10Number of couriers: 1
11Maximum student delay: 10
12Maximum student trips: 3
14Open_Failure thrown when config file does not exist
15Failed to open the config file
17Missing_Config_Entries thrown when config file is missing entries we want
18The config file is missing 1 entry.
20Parse_Failure thrown when an entry cannot be parsed
21Config entry AnothaOne could not be parsed. It has value DjKhaled.
23Validation_Failure thrown when an entry fails validation
24Config entry StopCost could not be validated. It has value -1.
26No error is thrown when validation succeeds
27Stop cost: 1
29A custom parse function can be accepted
30Stop cost: 100
32Custom parse and validation functions can be provided together
33Stop cost: 100
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