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Baseline "new" vector, with iterators.

Implementation has not had thorough correctness testing, e.g. checking wraparound
behaviours, and at least one such case is commented as unimplemented.

Implementation has not been optimized at the instruction path level, though a basic
iteration performance check has it within 5% of c++ std::vector.

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2Having pushed, length is 1
3by transit, got pos0 = 1.000000
4by exit, got pos0 = 1.000000
5Having pushed, length is 2
6helperE sees 2.000000
7producerE gave 1.000000
8producerE again gave 1.000000
9helperT sees 2.000000
10producerT gave 1.000000
11by permit, got pos0 = 1.000000
12Having pushed, length is 3
13into permit from call, got ofH = 1.000000
15before 0.100000
16after, logical: 0.100000
17after, physical: -0.100000
19loop sees 0.000000
20loop sees 0.100000
21loop sees 0.200000
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