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Implement new rules for array dimension expression matching.

Core changes:
src/ResolvExpr/ add sense of "these two expressions unify"
src/InitTweak/ make hoisting happen more often
tests/array-container/*: reconfigure the array-dimension test to use non-"classic" expectation rules

Misc contributors and noise:
libcfa/src/ ,ake a parameter, that's used as a length expression, constant (example of an array user following new rules)
src/ResolvExpr/ResolveTypeof.h: make fixArrayType public
src/Validate/GenericParameter.cpp: do the array-type desugaring in both AST corners that forall-variables can be found (not just in one of them)
tests/.expect/typedefRedef-ERR1.txt: old one was "expecting" a bug, that new array rules handle correctly

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