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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
benchmark d67cdb7   5 years pabuhr merge
CodeGen 50377a4   5 years Rob Schluntz Refactor tree print code to use Indenter
CodeTools 4e8949f   5 years Rob Schluntz Handle ConstructorExpr? in CodeGenerator?
Common 3c398b6   5 years Thierry Delisle Fixed visit children to properly work with the indexer
Concurrency 549c006   5 years Thierry Delisle Implemented out of order waitfor for destructors
ControlStruct d48e529   5 years Rob Schluntz Begin to introduce support for yylloc in the parser and extend …
Docs 843054c2   7 years pabuhr licencing: seventh groups of files
driver 201aeb9   5 years pabuhr first attempt at new basic-type int128, and length suffix with …
examples 52a9004   5 years Thierry Delisle Restored foreign strictness to its previous state and removed the u …
GenPoly effdde0   5 years Rob Schluntz Convert FindFunction? to PassVisitor?
include e3e16bc   5 years Thierry Delisle Renamed safe_dynamic_cast to strict_dynamic_cast
InitTweak 680620d   5 years Rob Schluntz Update documentation in InsertDtors?
libcfa adb4a3a   5 years Rob Schluntz Turn on -Wall for libcfa-prelude.c
Parser bd3d9e4   5 years pabuhr move constructor call from primary to postfix expression
prelude d67cdb7   5 years pabuhr merge
ResolvExpr 228099e   5 years Rob Schluntz Fix ownership bug in initialization resolution
SymTab 7664fad   5 years Rob Schluntz Update finishExpr so environment is not lost on multiple resolutions
SynTree bb9d8e8   5 years Rob Schluntz Fix Constant print to use Indenter
tests ded5f07   5 years Rob Schluntz Update 64-bit tests for removed casts
Tuples d29fa5f   5 years Rob Schluntz Remove has_result
Virtual 08fc48f   5 years Thierry Delisle Big header cleaning pass - commit 1 18.1 KB d67cdb7   5 years pabuhr merge 1.5 KB 4e9c7c1   5 years Thierry Delisle Update lex.ll to no longer require, since it has name … 307.9 KB d67cdb7   5 years pabuhr merge 5.1 KB 10295d8   5 years Rob Schluntz Stop returning constructor/destructor expressions in prelude generation
MakeLibCfa.h 686 bytes 6b0b624   5 years pabuhr change #ifndef to #pragma once
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